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BS english subjects list in pakistan

BS English Subjects list in Pakistan

BS English is a Bachelor of Science in English, degree program offered by various universities in Pakistan.

Students prefer this degree program because it provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the English language and literature.

Through this program, students can develop strong communication and writing skills, which are essential for any professional career.

Additionally, the degree program provides students with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and hone their critical thinking skills.

Eligibility criteria for BS English in Pakistan

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English in Pakistan is that the student should have completed a 12-year education from a recognized school or college in the country.

The student should have obtained at least a minimum of 50% marks in their higher secondary school/college qualification.

Additionally, the student should also have passed the relevant entrance test conducted by the college or university of their choice.

Now let’s see the scope of BS English in Pakistan.

BS English: Scope in Pakistan

The scope of a Bachelor of Science in English in Pakistan is quite wide.

Depending on the individual’s interests, they may pursue a degree in English Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism, or Teaching.

Those who pursue a degree in English Literature can find job opportunities in fields such as publishing, editing, copywriting, and advertising.

Those who pursue a degree in Creative Writing can find job opportunities in fields such as writing and editing for novels, magazines, and newspapers.

Those who pursue a degree in Journalism can find job opportunities in reporting, writing, and editing for television, radio, and newspapers.

Lastly, those who pursue a degree in Teaching can find job opportunities in educational institutions, such as public and private schools, universities, and colleges.

With a degree in English, there are many possibilities for those looking to pursue a career in Pakistan.

Now let’s have a look at the list of BS English subjects in Pakistan.

List of BS English Semester-wise in Pakistan

Here is a list of the BS English subjects offered in Pakistan semester-wise:

  • 1st Semester: English Grammar & Composition, English Literature, English Syntax, English Comprehension & Vocabulary, English Discourse & Writing
  • 2nd Semester: English Language & Literature, English Phonetics & Phonology, English Lexicology & Semantics, English Functional Analysis & Discourse
  • 3rd Semester: English for Professional Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, English for Media & Mass Communication, English for Scenario Writing & Storytelling
  • 4th Semester: English for Advanced Communication Skills, English for Literary Studies, English for Language Teaching, English for Translation & Interpretation
  • 5th Semester: English for the Creative Arts, English for Professional Advertising & Public Relations, English for Critical Thinking & Argumentation, English for Intercultural Communication
  • 6th Semester: English for Creative Writing & Poetry, English for Literary Criticism & Analysis, English for Creative Non-Fiction & Journalism, English for International & Intercultural Studies
  • 7th Semester: English for Digital Media & Communication, English for Multimedia & Animation, English for Film & TV Production, English for Global Business & Management
  • 8th Semester: English for Professional Research & Research Writing, English for Multimedia & Web Design, English for Cultural Studies & Multiculturalism, English for International Relations & Diplomacy.
  • Different universities offer different subjects for BS English. Many offer BS English in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at them.

Universities that offer BS English

Universities that offer BS English are listed below.

  • University of Central Punjab
  • Punjab University
  • Virtual University
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Govt. College University Lahore
  • Govt. College University Faisalabad
  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • The Islamia University of Peshawar
  • University of Management and Technology
  • University of Jhang
  • Aqsa Institute of Professional Studies
  • Lahore College for Women’s University
  • BZU Multan
  • AIOU 
  • Kinnaird College for Women Lahore
  • University of Education Lahore
  • Lahore Garrison University Lahore


In this article, I have given the list of BS English subjects in Pakistan.

BS English is a four-year education that students choose if they love the English language and want to be professional in English.

Students can get admission to BS English if they have 50% marks in their 12-year education.

Many universities in Pakistan offer BS English in Pakistan. Islamia university, Quaid-e-Azam university, Punjab university, University of central Punjab, and many more offers BS English.

I hope this article is informative for you.

Thank You!

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