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Price list of Honda Cars in Pakistan 2022

Price list of Honda Cars in Pakistan 2023

In recent years, buying a car has become more popular, and there are a lot of companies that can help with this.

Honda is the most dependable and trustworthy of these companies. Honda is a brand that is associated with reliability and excellence. The price of the Honda City 2023 in Pakistan is in the upper range.

Many of their models are always at the top of marketing research for the most reliable and well-performing cars.

Consumer studies always put many of their models at the top of the list of the most reliable and well-built cars.

The Honda car company offers both sales and support services that customers can use.

So, in this article, we will discuss the top five lists of Honda cars in Pakistan, along with the benefits of each.

List of Price list of Honda Cars in Pakistan

  • Honda-CIVIC
  • Honda-City
  • BR-V-Honda
  • Honda-Vezel
  • The-Honda-CR-V

Therefore, let’s get started on knowing it in greater depth…



The Honda Civic is available in five different colors, three different styles, one engine, and one transmission.

It has automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights (DRLS), and rear lights. It also comes with halogen foglamps as standard and LED foglamps as an option (Orient).

This car’s front bumper is black and has a matte finish. Standard equipment includes side-view mirrors that can be moved out of the way and are backed.

Highlighted Features
  • Engine displacement: 1497 cc
  • Max power: 127 hp
  • The wheels are 16 inches in diameter and are made of alloy.
  • Price: 5,999,000

Honda City

Honda City

The Honda City is the most popular Honda car. The Honda City 2023’s cabin has a lot of room and comfort, making it great for both the driver and the passenger.

The design of the vehicle takes benefit of a variety of new technologies.

With the Honda City 2023’s increased build quality exterior, it will last for many years. The car stands out because of how it looks as a whole.

Highlighted Features
  • 1497 cc engine
  • 118 hp is the maximum power
  • 16-inch diameter wheels
  • Price: 3,699,000

BR V Honda

BR V Honda

One of the most popular Honda cars on the road today is the Honda Br V, and for good reason.

The exterior of the Honda Br V 2023 is also better made, which increases the chance that it will last for a long time.
The Honda BR V 2023 comes in a variety of bright colors that will catch your eye.

Honda Br V 2023 replacement parts are easy to get because they are generally taken at a wide range of car dealerships across the country.

The manual diesel model gets 21.9 km per gallon, which is a very good number.

The gasoline-powered automatic version gets 16.0 kilometers per gallon. The gasoline model that you drive yourself gets 15.4 kilometers per gallon, which is great mileage.

Highlighted Features
  • 1497 cc engine
  • 118 hp is the maximum power
  • 16-inch diameter wheels
  • Price: 3,699,00

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel

The Honda Vezel is an affordable car that you can buy. It’s comfortable and has a lot of space for bags.

The engine makes 129 brake horsepower and 155 Newton meters of torque, which is more than enough for a vehicle of this size and weight, as well as for other uses.

The inside of the Honda Vezel 2023 was made to be as comfortable as possible for both the driver and the passengers

Because of the higher level of building quality, the Honda Vezel 2023’s exterior is very durable. The way the car looks as a whole is attractive to the eye.

Spare parts for the Honda Vezel 2023 can be bought at many different car dealerships across the country.

The Honda Vezel 2023 comes in a variety of bright colors that will get everyone’s attention when they see it.

Highlighted Features
  • 1497 cc engine
  • 118 hp is the maximum power.
  • 16-inch diameter wheels
  • Price: 3,699,000

The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V

Honda cars are generally known for being reliable and able to make their owners happy.

In our Driver Power survey, Honda was ranked 25th out of 75 new cars and sixth out of 29 manufacturers.

This SUV also comes with a lot of great ways to customize it, like a hybrid powertrain and a long list of great safety features.

This device has a lot of storage space and a lot of ways to use it, as well as other features. Aside from being easy to start and comfortable to ride in, the vehicle also gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage, has a nice interior, a large cargo area, and seats that are both roomy and comfortable, among other things.

Spare parts for a Honda Cr-V 2023 can usually be bought at a wide range of car dealerships all over the country.

Highlighted Features
  • Engine: 1999 CC
  • Max power: 138 hp
  • Wheel type: 18 in
  • Price: 10,700,000

The Top Benefits of Buying a Honda Vehicle

Different types

When you go to a dealership to look for a Honda, the first thing you’ll notice is how many of them there are.

Whether you want a small car for yourself or a big SUV for your whole family, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Honda makes a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs, such as the Accord, Accord Hybrid, Civic, and Pilot.


When spending a large amount of money on a vehicle, it is only normal to want to guarantee that it will be trustworthy for as many years as possible.

In most cases, a Honda will refuse to work for its owner. Most Honda vehicles also have a much longer life compared to those produced by other manufacturers.

Value as a resale

When you’re in the market for a new car, the last thing you want to think about is how much you’ll get for it when you finally decide to sell it.

There’s a chance you’ll have to sell your car sooner rather than later.

Best Resale Value Awards are commonly given to Honda vehicles. One reason for this is the high resale value of many of their vehicles.


So, buying a Honda seems like the best thing to do right now.

If you choose Honda over the competition, you’ll be able to get your hands on a wonderful car at an even better price than you would otherwise.

When you get behind the wheel of one of these automobiles, you’ll immediately notice and feel the difference.

I really hope you find the information in the following discussion to be of assistance to you.

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