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Stomach Pain Tablets list in Pakistan

Best Stomach Pain Tablets list in Pakistan

If you are searching for stomach pain tablets in Pakistan then this is the list for you. 

When it comes to medical consultations, “stomach pain” is by far the most common complaint.

Only a small percentage of these people actually have a serious actual problem.

The vast majority simply suffer from occasional stomach pain along with elimination or digestion.

If your pain subsides in three hours and you’re not experiencing any additional symptoms, you can rest easy.

A person may feel pain everywhere in their abdomen, from their chest to their groin.

When compared to older children, infants and toddlers have different reactions to stomach pain.

Children of school age and up can readily explain the location and severity of pain. ​

Aid for stomach pain

Clear fluids, such as water, should be drunk constantly.

You should limit your intake of pain-increasing substances including caffeine, tea, and alcohol.

If and when you are given permission to eat again, begin with clear liquids and work your way up to bland things like biscuits, rice, bananas, and bread.

You should follow your doctor’s orders regarding any food restrictions.

In some cases, holding a hot water bottle or heated wheat bag against the stomach will help ease stomach pain.

There are a number of tablets and medicines available for stomach pain.

Let’s have a look at some stomach pain tablets below.

List of Stomach Pain Tablets

Here we have listed some effective tablets for stomach pain relief.

  • Ezomol
  • Flagyl
  • NO-SPA 
  • Nexum
  • Risek
  • Entamizole
  • Envelope
  • Esso
  • Naproxen DS
  • Buscopan
  • Motilium

Now let’s see the details.

Note: Always use the medicine with the doctor’s consultation.



It’s prescribed to people with diseases that cause their stomachs to produce too much acid, like GERD and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Esomeprazole is prescribed to patients suffering from esophageal and stomach disorders.

As a result, your stomach will produce less acid, which will alleviate your symptoms.

It helps with issues including acid reflux, a sore throat, and a hacking cough.

This medicine aids in the healing of stomach and esophageal acid damage, the prevention of ulcers, and, perhaps, esophageal cancer.

If your doctor has instructed you to take this medication orally, do so once daily, at least an hour before a meal.



Antibiotic metronidazole(Flagyl) is effective against many different types of bacteria.

Certain bacterial and parasite infections are the only ones this antibiotic can treat. Viruses cannot be treated in this way.

Inappropriate usage of any antibiotic can reduce its effectiveness against future infections.

Additionally, metronidazole can be used in combination with other drugs to treat bacterial ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

This drug is to be taken orally, as advised by your healthcare provider.

It is recommended that this drug be taken with food, or a glass of milk or water, to reduce the risek of stomach distress.


This medication is recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal, gallbladder, and urinary tract smooth muscle contractions, sometimes known as recurrent stomach discomfort.

Before starting No-Spa, see your healthcare provider, pharmacist, or doctor.

Those with low blood pressure should use caution when using this medication because it can cause a reduction in blood pressure as a side effect.

It is not recommended to take a second dose to cover up for missing one.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other disorders involving high stomach acid, such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, are treated with this drug.

The esophageal ulcer disease erosive esophagitis can be treated with esomeprazole as well.

Take this medicine exactly as it is prescribed and not crushed or chewed.

Get the capsules down your throat without breaking them. You can open the capsule and put the contents into a spoon of warmed applesauce if you have trouble taking the drug as a whole.

Quickly and without chewing, take the mixture. Don’t make the mixture in advance and store it. It’s possible that doing so will ruin the medicine.


Omeprazole and sodium bicarbonate make up this medicine. It’s prescribed for patients with digestive and swallowing disorders.

Additionally, it’s utilized to stop gastrointestinal bleeding in critically ill patients.

The stomach acid production of the patient is reduced by the use of omeprazole.

It’s categorized as a proton pump inhibitor medication. An acid like sodium bicarbonate can help omeprazole work better by neutralizing stomach acid.

Before you start this medication or each time you get a repeat, make sure you read the information provided in the Medication Guide issued by your doctor. 


Diloxanide furoate and metronidazole  are found in each pill of Entamizole DS. A parasitic amoeba can be treated with diloxanide furoate.

Despite the fact that metronidazole is both an antibiotic and an antiprotozoal, meaning that it fights off both bacterial and protozoal illnesses.

Its main applications are for the treatment of vaginal, urinary tract, and stomach diseases. During surgery, it’s utilized to keep infections away.

Only take it by mouth as directed. Take this pill with a meal. It is important that the tablet not be chewed or crushed before swallowing.

Finish the entire course of medication even if you feel better.


The envelope is a pill combination of Doxylamine Succinate and Pyridoxine.

Morning sickness, characterized by nausea and vomiting, can be eased with the help of a medication called an envelope, taken throughout pregnancy.

The very first four months of pregnancy are the most common for experiencing morning sickness.

Low levels of Pyridoxine have also been linked to morning sickness in pregnant women.

Consume this medication orally with a full glass of water. This medication is best taken upon awakening.

In most cases, a single dose before bedtime once a day is all that is required to have the desired effect.


To treat and prevent stomach and intestinal ulcers, try Esso Capsule. Heartburn and chest pain caused by acid reflux diseases like GERD are alleviated. 

Esomeprazole, better known by its brand name Esso, is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).

As a result, it helps alleviate acid reflux symptoms by decreasing stomach acid production.

Esomeprazole increased sleep quality and productivity by decreasing nocturnal heartburn and GERD-related sleep disruptions.

Use the medicine only when prescribed by a doctor.

Naproxen DS

It is common practice to take naproxen while experiencing pain from a variety of sources, including a headache, sore muscles, tendinitis, toothache, or period pain.

Pain, edema, and stiffness in joints due to conditions like arthritis, bursitis, and gout are also alleviated.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine is what we call this type of treatment.

Your condition and how you respond to treatment will determine the proper dosage.

Take this medication for the shortest amount of time necessary and at the lowest effective dose to lessen the risk of stomach bleeding or other adverse effects.


Intense abdominal pain, especially that caused by IBS, can be alleviated with Buscopan.

It’s useful for relieving the pain of menstruation and irritated bladder as well.

Hyoscine butyl bromide is the active component in Buscopan. Intestinal cramps can be alleviated with Buscopan because it promotes the relaxation of the gastrointestinal tract.

The treatment has a rapid onset and resolution of symptoms. Within 15 minutes, the cramping pain should subside.

Buscopan is also available in two over-the-counter formulations (Buscopan IBS Relief and Buscopan Cramps) that require a prescription.

Irritable bowel syndrome is the only condition for which Buscopan IBS Relief pills should be taken.


Dexlansoprazole is a medication prescribed to patients suffering from gastrointestinal and esophageal disorders.

As a result, your stomach will produce less acid, which will alleviate your symptoms.

This medicine aids in the repair of stomach and esophageal acid damage, the prevention of ulcers, and, perhaps, esophageal cancer.

The medication class to which dexlansoprazole belongs is called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

Due to an increased risk of serious adverse effects, dexlansoprazole is not advised for use in children less than two years of age.

This drug is meant to be taken orally, so follow your doctor’s instructions about how often you should take it.


Domperidone can be taken by mouth in the form of tablets or a liquid.

Take this medication only if your doctor has prescribed it to you. Motilium is another brand name for this product.

It’s a drug that stimulates gastrointestinal and intestinal contractions.

It’s also prescribed when patients experience side effects from their Parkinson’s disease medication, such as nausea and vomiting.

If you’re looking to prevent or reduce vomiting and nausea, use Motilium at the lowest dose for the shortest possible time.

Motilium, a gastrointestinal drug, is best taken orally before eating.


In this article, I have listed some medicines that are effective for stomach pain.

I have given details about Ezomol, Flagyl, Risek, NO-SPA, and many more. Some tablets are to be used before meals and some are for with meals.

Kindly consult with your doctor and then use the medicine as prescribed.

Thank you!

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