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Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list pakistan

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price List Pakistan. Suzuki started its journey in 1909 as the Suzuki Loom Works in the city of Hamamatsu, on the southeast coast of central Japan’s main island.

Michio Suzuki, the company’s founder, spent over 30 years focusing on the production of looms for Japan’s thriving silk industry before shifting his attention to the automobile business. The first attempt was based on the Austin Seven, which was produced in the United Kingdom.

By 1939, the business had developed a number of ground-breaking prototypes. After a few years, numerous prototypes were completed and ready for testing.

As the Second World War approached, the Japanese government classified all civilian passenger automobiles ‘non-essential,’ and all military vehicles ‘non-essential.’ As a result, Suzuki returned to weaving looms.

When did Suzuki partner with General Motors?

Suzuki was growing stronger with each passing year, and the 1980s saw the company embark on a period of international development.

Suzuki formed a collaboration with General Motors in 1981, paving the way for the Japanese company’s entry into the lucrative United States market.

Suzuki formed a joint venture with the Indian automobile company Maruti in 1983, the following year.

In the next year, they established Suzuki Motor GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Suzuki had reached the milestone of ten million vehicles produced by the end of the decade, when it introduced the tiny SUV, which was known either as the Escudo or the Sidekick, depending on the sales zone.

Suzuki Today

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Suzuki Canada Inc announced that it would also cease operations in Canada as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures.

In the same month, American Suzuki Motor Corporation ceased all activities and transferred its assets to Suzuki Motor of America Inc., a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor of Japan.

 A relationship with PROTON in Malaysia was announced in 2015, and Suzuki’s Alto and Alto Lapin minicars were awarded the RJC Car of the Year award the following year. 

Suzuki Swift sales topped five million units worldwide in April 2016, according to the company. So, we’ve come full circle to the present day.

Suzuki is still a hugely successful company, with models such as the Alto and Swift being regular sightings on roads all throughout the world. They have a large number of subsidiaries all over the world and produce 2,878,000 autos each year on average.

When you consider that the company originally started out by manufacturing looms, that is quite an accomplishment.

List Of Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts

So let’s start to learn about more it in detail…

Suzuki Wagon R Model 1993

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

 Suzuki is the leading manufacturer of minicars on the Japanese market. Suzuki also has a presence in other countries. 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that it was this business that took the initiative to introduce Europeans to a classic Japanese small automobile – the Suzuki Wagon R + – back in the day.

The Suzuki Wagon R was the name of the first iteration of this vehicle, which debuted on the Japanese domestic market in 1993 and was sold there until 1997.

In the same year, this model was nominated for the RJC New Car of the Year award, and it was named as the best automotive novelty of the year by Japanese journalists in the nomination.

In 1997, a subsequent version of the Wagon R + swept over Europe, capturing the attention of the public (known in Japan as the Wagon R Wide). It has a far wider range of capabilities and is significantly more powerful than the Wagon R.

Europeans were offered a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine, whilst purchasers in Japan were offered a “liter” turbocharged engine, according to the Japanese manufacturer. Suzuki was able to establish himself fairly successfully in the Old World.

The business even invested in a manufacturing facility in Hungary, where they began producing a “European” version of the Wagon R + in 2009. The vehicle is a microvan that can be driven with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The Suzuki Alto hatchback serves as the foundation for this vehicle. Engineers from Adam Opel AG were involved in the development of the vehicle, which is, in terms of technical specifications, similar to the Opel Agila.

Suzuki Wagon R Model 1997

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

It’s true that the Opel Agila and the Volkswagen Wagon R + are one and the same vehicle.

The sole difference between the two is that only Opel engines and manual gearboxes are used on the Opel, whereas Japanese engines and transmissions, including a four-speed automatic transmission, are used on the Suzuki.

The Wagon R + is an automobile that stands out from the crowd in terms of design. It appears to be intriguing, if not a little amusing.

With the smallest feasible external dimensions, the designers were able to provide the greatest possible internal volume, allowing the occupants to feel cozy and comfortable even in the midst of hectic city traffic.

Due to the Wagon R +’s inherent versatility as well as its exterior clumsiness, it soon established a market niche.

According to estimates, 500,000 of these vehicles had been sold by the end of March 1996. It wasn’t until October 1998 that the Suzuki Wagon R received a comprehensive facelift for the first time.

The Wagon R + is substantially larger than the Japanese counterpart; its length is 3,500 mm and its width is 1,620 mm, making it the largest wagon in the world.

Suzuki Wagon R Model 1998

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

Because of its compact size, this superb automobile takes up little room on the road or in the parking lot. Despite this, its interior is rather spacious, and it appears that the car is significantly larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The external design is modest, yet it is also vibrant and memorable because of the colors used. First and foremost, since the forms are slightly disproportionate (from the perspective of the “traditional” automotive sector).

‘Bug-eyed’ headlights, stunning 14-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, and a romping spoiler over the rear door add to the car’s enticing appearance. The salon Wagon R + is characterized by its adaptability, practicality, and adaptability, to name a few characteristics.

It is not only practical, but it is also reasonably spacious. First and foremost, the shape of the seats, which are somewhat thinner than typical, allows for significant space savings within the vehicle.

Second, the gas tank is “laying” beneath the back seats, which is a convenient location. As a result, the space is freed up, and the rear passengers are elevated to the level of the podium, 10 cm above the driver’s seat.

Suzuki Wagon R Model 2000

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

“Bus,” you’re landing high. The rear seats, which are completely independent of one another, may be folded in a single motion, allowing them to be transported in rather considerable quantities when folded.

All of this is possible because the luggage compartment has a volume of 1,250 litres, which allows for the unrestricted placement of a variety of wide, long, tall, and unusually shaped things. The trunk is fairly modest when it is in its standard condition.

There are spacious door pockets, two open shelves (under the glovebox and under the steering column), and two deep drawers under the front seats for storing small items in the interior.

Several interior features were taken from the second to last generation of the Opel Corsa, including a three-spoke steering wheel, shift paddles, round air conditioner knobs, square ventilation nozzles, and even buttons for the electronic actuators on the outside mirrors.

Even the seats in Germany are firm, despite the fact that they provide little lateral support. The simple instrument panel comes to life only when the key is turned in the ignition switch.

The readings are simple to comprehend. One distinctive feature of the EPS symbol is that it stands out among the mosaic of bright control bulbs.

Suzuki Wagon R Model 2002

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

This is an electric power steering system (Electric Power Steering), which is also a Corsa-derived feature. The Wagon R Plus is powered by a 1.3-liter engine that produces 76 horsepower.

This may be accomplished with a car having a curb weight of 985 kg.

Standard features included two airbags for the front passengers as well as electric steering, electric mirrors and power windows, central locking, a digital clock, tinted windows, a luggage rack, a radio/CD player, a tachometer, three handrails in the cabin, a four-speed heating/ventilation system, and a heated rear window.

Suzuki introduced the Wagon R +, a subcompact mono cab pickup truck, as a newly redesigned vehicle in 2003.

An all-new body design, a changed trim package, a technological improvement, as well as a “charged” variant equipped with a tiny turbo engine, have all been applied to the novelty.

The novelty distinguishes itself from the previous generation primarily in terms of look. Moreover, the revised Suzuki Wagon R + has been raised somewhat, making it look more like a smaller version of the minivan, and it has also received an all-new body design.

Additionally, the fact that the wheels were aligned in the corners of the body resulted in the interior of the invention being rather spacious, with enough room for four passengers to comfortably ride in comfort.

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Suzuki Wagon R Model 2003

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

A new engine with a variable valve timing system and 54 horsepower, as well as a turbocharged version of this engine, will also be available in the redesigned Wagon R +, which will be available in both mono and all-wheel-drive configurations.

The inside is rather rudimentary: plain plastic, simple fabric upholstery, nothing special. The center console and instrument panel are sparsely furnished, but readability and ergonomics are of a high caliber for the class. In addition, the construction quality is great.

The Wagon R + exhibits exceptional stability for a vehicle with such a high body and small wheelbase; it drives with a high degree of confidence, holding the road effectively and avoiding deviations from the trajectory when braking.

A big glass area and eye-catching side mirrors contribute to the excellent visibility of this vehicle. Finally, the ability to fold the rear seats is a unique feature that makes the vehicle more versatile.

In most cars, this occurs in two stages: first, the seat cushion is pushed forward, and then the back is pushed back into position. The Wagon R +’s designers, after positioning the seat high on the vehicle, left ample space beneath it.

It is possible to expand the space available in the luggage compartment in a single move since, when the backrest is folded, the pillow is lowered to the floor.

Suzuki Wagon R Model 2005

Suzuki WagonR Spare Parts Price list Pakistan

As a result, the luggage space is completely flat. The Wagon RR is a “charged” version of the new Suzuki Wagon R, which was introduced in 2012.

This new product distinguishes itself from the base model by featuring an aggressive body design, a powerful front bumper, beautiful head optics, and 14-inch alloy wheels.

The core of this car was a tiny 660-cc gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and a turbocharging system, which provided plenty of power.

Thanks to these tactics, Suzuki engineers were able to squeeze 64 horsepower out of a diminutive engine, which resulted in excellent handling for a vehicle weighing only 850 kilos (in a mono drive version).

For the most part, despite its little size, the Suzuki Wagon R + is a truly multipurpose vehicle. Approximately 2,500,000 Suzuki Wagon R vehicles were produced during a very short period of 12 years and seven months.

1Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Front Fender LH11,800
2Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Side Mirror Glass2,450
3Suzuki Wagon R Fog Lamp Chrome Cover 2pc Bumpe…1320
4Suzuki Wagon R 2014-2023 Silicone Wiper Blades…950
5Suzuki Wagon R Local 2014-2021 Sun Visor Air P…2100
6Suzuki Wagon R 2014-2021 Mud Flap Set – 4 Pcs1050
7Suzuki Wagon R Wiper Rod With Motor15999
8Suzuki Wagon R Mud Flap Set 4pcs990
9Windscreen For Pak Suzuki Wagon R10000
10Suzuki Wagon Rear Bumper Taiwan6500
11Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Quarter Glass Rubber RH2000
12Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Quarter Glass Rubber RH6000
13Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Wind Shield17060
14Suzuki Wagon R Fender Shield RH Taiwan2100
15Suzuki Wagon R Fender Shield RH Taiwan1713
16Suzuki Wagon R Wipers Arms And Blades 4pcs5500
17Suzuki Wagon R Hood Lock3200
18Suzuki Wagon R Genuine Front Fender LH11800
19Suzuki Wagon R Antenna Assy2750
20Suzuki Wagon R (63RO) Lithium Battery108,000.00


What is it about the Wagon R that makes it so popular?

Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it provides more cabin capacity for the money than any other tiny automobile. You’ll also get the necessary safety features, as well as a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, as well as minimal operating and maintenance costs. The 1.0-liter is priced from Rs45,000 upwards.

Is Wagon R good for long drives?

you can use your Wagon R VXI for lengthy drives, but they should not be more than 400-500 kilometers in length because the Wagon R is primarily intended for city driving. The seats in this vehicle are really comfortable. Because of the elevated seating position, the driver has a commanding perspective of the road.

What engine is in a Suzuki Wagon R?

Suzuki fitted a choice of two engines under the hood of the Wagon R: a 1.0-liter gasoline engine and a 1.2-liter gasoline engine. They produced 65 horsepower and 70 horsepower, respectively.

Is the Wagon R capable of climbing hills?

The Wagon R is a practical vehicle that is particularly well suited to mountainous and steep terrain.

What does R stand for in Wagon R?

It is a Kei automobile manufactured and marketed by Suzuki since 1993. It is abbreviated as R in Japan and Suzuki Wagon’ru in the United States. The letters R stand for Revolution and Relaxation, which are both present in the name. The Wagon R is configured like a “tall wagon” in order to optimize cabin room while remaining within the dimensions constraints of the Kei vehicle.

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