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Top 10  Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Top 10  Insurance Companies in Pakistan 2023

As a long-term investment, life insurance is something you can’t really afford to mismanage. 

Things happen to us all the time that we didn’t imagine, and since we did not prepare for them, we frequently find it difficult to deal with them. 

That’s a whole lot of pressure!

We strongly suggest investing in some type of insurance policy to protect yourself against potential emotional and financial burdens.

There are various insurance providers in Pakistan, but picking the right one can be difficult. 

It’s important to consider the company’s reliability, but you should also think about how much money you have and what services you need.

Let’s talk briefly about the top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan.

Insurance Companies in Pakistan

The top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan are listed below.

  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Adamjee Insurance
  • United Insurance
  • EFU Insurance
  • Alfalah Insurance
  • TPL Insurance
  • Ace Insurance company
  • State Life Insurance
  • Pak Qatar general takaful
  • Askari General Insurance

Let’s learn the details now.

Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance

In 1995, Jubilee was founded as a limited liability corporation or LTD.

It has grown into one of the most prominent insurance providers in Pakistan.

You may trust this organization with your wedding, college savings, and family insurance needs.

They can even tailor a strategy to your needs, spending limits, and priorities.

They want to bring joy to people with their products, hence the name “Jubilee.”

The following are the kinds of insurance that Jubilee provides for its clients:

  • Personal life insurance
  • Bancassurance
  • Micro-insurance
  • Protection for businesses using pooled resources
  • Internet-based Coverage for Medical Expenses
  • Takaful Family

Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee Insurance

Since the 1960s, this firm has worked to establish itself as one of Pakistan’s premier insurance providers.

The situation has also been resolved with the help of the United Arab Emirates’ major concentration.

Adamjee Insurance is completely committed to its business philosophy of continuously improving its services and products.

In ways that are tailored to the needs of its customers and, as a result, consistently earns high marks for customer service.

The following are the types of commercial activity that the company engages in:

  • Medical insurance
  • Maritime risk insurance
  • Insurance for a trip
  • Farm protection policies
  • Various Insurance for Risks
  • The Insuring of Financial Lines
  • Safety nets for legal liabilities
  • Accidental death and injury coverage for the individual

United Insurance

United Insurance

UIC is a necessary addition to any list of insurance providers in Pakistan. It was founded in 1959 with the goal of providing business owners with flexible financing options.

The company has many options for both individuals and businesses.

United Insurance Company has over a hundred local offices spread over Pakistan, with headquarters located in Lahore.

As an added convenience, you can purchase the package that best fits your requirements online.

It also happens to be the largest general insurance business in Pakistan and has a solid reputation for its broad services.

Some of the insurance plans are:

  • Treatment insurance
  • Insuring Your Trip
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Insurance for Agricultural Goods
  • Livestock Insurance
  • Mechanical Safety Insurance

EFU Insurance

EFU Insurance

Safety Coverage for EFU Students The firm has been around for over 85 years and has a presence.

In various African and Asian countries in addition to Pakistan.

The insurance company that, to this day, stands out as one of the greatest and most reliable

In the Pakistani market, thanks to its ability to tailor its plans to each individual customer.

EFU provides the following varieties of protection:

  • Compensation for Injuries Sustained on the Job
  • Comprehensive Travel Accident Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Insurance for Plate Glass
  • Anti-Burglary insurance
  • Safety Coverage for Golfers
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Coverage Against Cybercrime
  • Technical Insurance for Risks
  • Protection from the Unexpected
  • Insuring Flights

Alfalah Insurance

Alfalah Insurance

Alfalah Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Group, is one of the newest companies in the market.

The company has branches in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, Pakistan’s three most populous cities.

The company’s insurance customer service is often regarded as among the best in the industry.

All sorts of insurance products are on offer by this company.

  • Health Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Safeguarding Your Home With Insurance
  • Maritime Goods Insurance Insurance
  • Insurance for Energy Systems and Engineering
  • Various Insurance for Risks

TPL Insurance

TPL Insurance is Pakistan’s leading direct-to-consumer insurance.

Launched in 2005, the company’s mission is to provide individuals and businesses.

With comprehensive insurance coverage at competitive rates. It has grown into a major insurance provider in Pakistan.

You can also download the company’s app if you’re in the market for speedy auto insurance and some convenient real-time updates.

In addition, they provide a variety of other insurance options, such as an Islamic insurance plan, on their website.

Their insurance is available to

Getting There: Car / Home / Vacation / Medical / Real Estate Marine Variable Cyber, Risk Engineering, Direct Takaful

Ace Insurance Company

Therefore, this corporation predates Pakistan, boasting an extensive history covering many years and a presence in both Africa and Asia.

To this day, the Pakistani market recognizes it as one of the largest and most reliable insurance companies,

With the ability to tailor policies to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

Credit card insurance, as well as insurance for car accidents, homeowners, renters, business trips, money, and broken glass, are all available through this company.

State Life Insurance

The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is a state-owned insurance company in Pakistan.

It offers a wide range of insurance programs to its customers. It is well recognized as one of Pakistan’s best insurance providers.

When it relates to life insurance providers in Pakistan, State Life is at the very top.

It handles both individual and group insurance needs.

Some of the kinds of individual plans provided by the company:

  • Universal life insurance.
  • Guarantee of the Endowment.
  • Guaranteed by the Hands of Shad Abad.
  • Future Endowment Security.

Curiously, you may utilize the state bank’s website to your advantage by accessing

A wide range of insurance premium calculators. The website’s calculators include:

  • Permanent and Complete Insurance Coverage
  • Coverage for Future Assets
  • Assured Life, or Jeevan Sathi

Pak Qatar general takaful

The first in Pakistan to offer Takaful coverage is Pak Qatar. General Takaful and Family Takaful are both available.

Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem has confirmed the company’s commitment to Shariah law and approved all of its services and goods.

It has established a robust presence in Pakistan through its website and mobile apps, where it has more than a hundred points of sale.

PQGT’s two largest owners are the Qatar Insurance Islamic Company and the Qatar International Islamic Bank.

Their items are all created with Islamic ideas and values in mind.

Some of the insurance plans are:

Insurance for your car, your house, your family, your bank account, your vacation, and your company—all under one roof.

Askari General Insurance

With a focus on promoting insurance awareness and culture, AGICO aspires to become one of the country’s top insurance providers.

To achieve this goal, the firm is committed to complying to sound corporate governance practices and maximizing profits.

The company’s stated goal is to become a market leader in the insurance industry.

By delivering excellent service to customers, attracting and retaining talented employees, and producing above-average profits for shareholders.

The following insurances are offered by them.

  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Bond Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Misc Insurance
  • Marine Insurance


Today, I go over the top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan. Please keep in mind that nothing in this post is meant to be taken as investment advice.

Each insurance provider follows its own set of rules. Before putting any money into a corporation.

it’s in your best interest to read the strategy carefully. However, these Pakistani insurers come highly recommended and are trustworthy.

The reader is on their own to research the regulations that apply to financial investments in their area.

Much appreciation!

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