BA Subject List in Pakistan

Are you a BA student and need a BA Subject list in Pakistan? We will share the BA Subject List for those students who are studying regularly or privately. 

BA is a two-year examination study that students may pursue after completing intermediate. A BA degree is considered a professional degree in Pakistan.

Students nowadays prefer to apply for a BS, which is a four-year program; however, students who are not accepted or cannot afford the university fees enroll in a BA. 

Sometimes students cannot afford to go to college as regular students; that’s why they choose to study privately. 

Private BA/BSc students can now register for exams in subjects that include a practical component. 

This choice was made in response to students’ reported difficulties in gaining admission. 

All previously excluded private students will now be allowed to sit for BA/BSc finals that include practical components.

Candidates must select degree subjects: two compulsory, two electives, and one optional. 

There will be two required subjects worth 200 marks each (English Language and Islamiyat/Ethics and Pakistan Studies), two elective topics worth 200 marks each, and one optional subject worth 100 marks. 

Students must earn distinct passing grades in both Islamic Studies/Ethics and Pakistan Studies in order to graduate from college.

The Compulsory Subjects for BA

  • English language (200 Marks)
  • Islamiyat study/ethics (60 Marks)
  • Pakistan studies (40 Marks)

The Elective Subjects (any two)

Students must choose any two elective subjects with 200 marks for each chosen subject. The elective subjects are listed below.

  • Arabic
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Islamiyat (elective)
  • Psychology
  • English Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • Punjabi
  • History
  • Health and Physical
  • Geography
  • Computer Science
  • Library Science
  • Home Economics
  • Women Sciences
  • Urdu
  • Social Work
  • Philosophy
  • Political Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Journalism
  • Kashmiriyat
  • French

The Optional Subjects (any one)

The students must choose 1 optional subject with 100 marks. The optional subjects are listed below.

  • Sindhi
  • Russian
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Journalism
  • Italian
  • Fine Arts
  • Turkish
  • Kashmiriyat
  • History 
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic
  • Information Science
  • Music
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • General Sciences
  • History
  • English Literature
  • Bangali

Basically, elective and optional subjects are the same, but the difference is that with three compulsory subjects, students have to choose three more subjects, which are two electives and one optional.

Students usually choose a language as an optional subject.


In this article, we have shared the list of BA subjects in Pakistan.

The selection of BA subjects is not quite easy for students, and they sometimes feel confused and try to change subjects, which is a difficult process. That is why students must choose their subjects with care.

English, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies are compulsory subjects, and the students are allowed to choose two more electives and one optional subject.

And all the subjects are listed above for the student’s ease. I hope this information is beneficial for you.

Thank you!

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