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Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan

Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan 2023

Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan. When it comes to the design of our houses, furniture plays an extremely important role in the overall structure of the space.

There are many different kinds of furniture, but the chair is the most important one. It is a significant component of our house, and we have it in many locations, including the TV lounge, Garden Town, and our room.

 The presence of chairs in each home’s furniture collection, no matter how little, is unavoidable; they are a must. A chair will always be necessary in every place, whether it is the living room or any other area. 

To make a room or unit more comfortable, choose a chair that fits the space. This can also help to brighten the atmosphere where it is placed.

For this reason, they are manufactured so that there are so many different kinds of chairs that colleges and universities may utilize. There are also many different types of materials that can be used to construct them.

Construction components include plastic, metal, and wood. It is available in several colors.

The topic of chairs will be discussed in today’s article, covering what kinds of chairs they are and which designs of chairs are most often utilized in the boss’s company.

What does  Plastic Chair Means?

Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan. A chair is a piece of furniture. It is used for sitting on, and it can also be used for standing on if you can’t reach something. They usually have four legs to support their weight.

The chair is an essential aspect of our daily existence. It is a non-living object that exists. It is a piece of furniture that is used to sit on.

Furniture such as chairs is maintained in the dining room, in the guest room, and even in the typical room. There are many different sorts of chairs, such as sofas, spinning chairs with tires, high-neck chairs, and so on.

Different colors of chairs are available, such as brown, grey, yellow-red, and so on. Buses, trains, airplanes, ships, metros, and other modes of transportation all feature chairs.

The chair is very beneficial to human beings. We’ll have to sit on the ground if we don’t have any chairs.

Chairs Come in a Variety of Styles

A chair is a piece of furniture that has a higher surface that is supported by legs and is often used to seat a single individual. Chairs can be found in a variety of settings, including homes (for example, living rooms and bedrooms), schools and offices, and a variety of other workplaces.

Before we get into the body, which is the many types of chairs, we’ve put together a list of items you should keep in mind before making your final decision:

  • Color
  • Comfort
  • Shape
  • Usage
  • Textile

Color and comfort are two factors that you will need to pay a lot of attention to since if either is picked incorrectly, the chair will seem out of place in the area or it will completely damage the overall appearance of the room.

Here is a list of chairs that you may include in your home décor by choosing the right colors and fabrics:

  • Fireside chair
  • Rocking chair
  • Office chair
  • Fauteuil chair
  • Recliner chair
  • Dining room chair
  • Garden chairs

So Let’s start to learn about more it in detail…

Fireside seat: Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan

Fireside seat

Fireside chairs have high backs and typically a footstool. These are meant to assist good posture, with legs at the appropriate angle and arms relaxed.

These high chairs are popular in mountainous locations and normally come with leather coverings, but you may have them made in whatever fabric you like.

These chairs are something to look forward to on cold winter days when you can relax beside a bonfire and not try to sleep.

Rocking chair

Rocking chair Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan

Every household has rocking chairs for youngsters and parents. These may be old school, but they are stylish and comfortable.

These chairs’ legs are rounded and swing back and forth, trying to guide newborns to sleep and relax grandparents. If you have an old one, it may be completely wooden.

Modern rocking chairs are made of wood, plastic, and metal. Many furniture designers offer lounger variations that might fit into your living space. With a classic touch, it may be put on a balcony or in the shed.

Office chair

Office Chair Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan

If your business requires you to work from home, you will need to set up an office space in your house to satisfy your needs.

This will only necessitate the use of a table and an office chair that are both comfortable and maintain proper posture.

While there are many other kinds of office chairs available, the executive chair is the most comfortable and ideal if you plan on working for a long time.

Fauteuil chair

Fauteuil chair

The word fauteuil comes from the French language and means chair. A fauteuil chair is a comfortable chair that can be found in a variety of designs, shapes, and fabrics to choose from.

Fauteuil Suitable was the name given to the chair when it was first introduced in France, and it was designed to be comfortable.

Fauteuil is an umbrella word that refers to a variety of seats that serve a variety of functions.

Recliner chair: Boss Plastic Chair Price

Recliner Chair

Recliners are high-end chairs that enable you to enjoy yourself by lowering your feet and legs and reclining your back. However, the extra cost is worth it because they have more features than other seats.

Its electronic and manual versions are available in a variety of colors, leather and fabric combinations, and styles.

Normally, they make excellent lounge furniture for watching television or just resting, but you can also place them in the corner of your bedroom beside a window to create a peaceful reading nook.

Dining Room Chair

Dining Room Chair

When entertaining visitors or conducting family events, the dining room is the most significant room in your house.

While it is possible to have an open or broken living room area as well as a closed drawing and dining room, the décor of your dining room must be part of the general interior of the space.

The dining table and chairs are the focal points of this area, and their color and design should coordinate with the couches if they are in the same room as the table and chairs.

Garden chairs: Boss Plastic Chair Price

Garden Chair

Garden chairs are mainly composed of plastic and are lightweight. However, iron chairs for gardens are also easily available and are rather attractive.

Plastic patio chairs, wicker patio chairs, and lawn chairs are the most relevant and appropriate chairs used for outdoor sitting in the United States.

This needs management, but their usefulness is greater, and they may be used both indoors and outdoors.

List of 5 Boss Plastic Chair Price List in Pakistan

Here is a list of 5 Best boss Chairs in Pakistan.

  • Boss B-06-C Steel Plastic Peacock Shell Chair
  • Boss B-102 Full Plastic Flamingo Chair
  • Boss B-834 Full Plastic High Back Patti Chair
  • Boss BP-310 Denny Max Armless Chair with Silver Legs
  • Boss BP-313 Stylish Tree Chair

So let’s start learning this in detail…

Boss B-06-C Steel Plastic Peacock Shell Chair

Boss b-06-c steel plastic pecock shell chair

Highlighted Features

  • Size: 20 × 21 × 32 in
  • Brand: Boss
  • Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Maroon
  • Material: Steel Plastic
  • Sizes: Small
  • Price: 4,560

Steel plastic is used to manufacture the Boss B-06-C Steel Plastic Pecock Shell Chair with Cushioned Seat. With the best materials and a cushion for a comfy sitting option, this piece is ready to satisfy.

Moreover, it is provided with a footrest at its base, which provides you with extra comfort and makes it easier to sit for a long period of time without being uncomfortable.

Boss B-102 Full Plastic Flamingo Chair

Boss b-102 Full plastic flamingo chair

Highlighted Features

  • Size: 23 × 21 × 36 in
  • Color: Blue, Coffee, Dark Gray, Every, Gray, Green, Marble Blue, Marble White, Maroon
  • Brand: Boss
  • Material: Plastic
  • Price: 1,340

B-102 is the company’s boss and chair. The use of high-quality materials in the manufacturing of the chair increases the chair’s usefulness and long-lasting performance.

Properties such as long-lasting, water-resistant, and non-greasy are included.

The product is available in a variety of eye-catching colors. It is the most commonly used chair in Pakistan, and it is also the cheapest. Regardless of the fact that it is an old-fashioned chair,

it is quite comfortable and long-lasting.

Boss B-834 Full Plastic High Back Patti Chair

Boss b-834 Full plastic high bock patti chair

Highlighted Features

  • Size: 22 × 23 × 31 in
  • Color: Coffee, Gray, Marble White, Maroon
  • Brand: Boss
  • Material: Plastic
  • Price: 1,385

The Boss B-Full Plastic Chair is constructed of high-quality materials that ensure it will survive for an extended period of time.

This particular material will not fade for many years to come, and it is also waterproof and long-lasting. It is available in a number of different colors.

These chairs from the Bose Corporation are one of the most widely used styles of chair available on the market today. I think we can all benefit from it at home and at school.

This model is made up of a number of colour schemes that you can see below. Use whatever colour we choose and put it anywhere we want in our homes, businesses, drawing rooms, and other public locations.

Boss BP-310 Denny Max Armless Chair with Silver Legs

Boss BP-310 Denny max armless chair with silver legs

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 20 × 19 × 34 in
  • Color: Chocolate, Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Purple, Red, Royal Green
  • Brand: Boss
  • Material: Pure Plastic
  • Price: 2,375

The Denny Max chair has a modern look and style. The Denny Max chair has steel legs. The Denny Max chair has steel legs and also has a leather seat.

The fact that it does not have arms does not take away the fact that it is much too comfy for sitters. You are allowed to use it anywhere you choose, whether at your home, place of business, yard, or garden.

It is entirely constructed of natural materials and has a simplistic style. A variety of colours are available to meet your specific requirements and tastes.

Boss BP-313 Stylish Tree Chair

Boss BP-313 Stylish tree chair

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 19 × 20 × 32 in
  • Color: Chocolate, Purple, Red, Royal Green, White
  • Brand: Boss
  • Material: Pure Plastic
  • Price: 3,000

The Boss BP-313 Stylish Tree Chair was created by Boss Puro and is available in a variety of colours.

To demonstrate, have a look at this chair model from the famous Boss Company: the stunning Boss Puro Tree Chair, which is available at an extraordinary price and has hundreds of new and excellent features.

A luxurious aspect may be seen in this piece. This chair may be utilised in our TV lounge, drawing room, play area, yard, or any other position inside the office, depending on the circumstances.

The fact that it has a beautiful and pleasant look makes it a popular choice for use in interior design and decoration of homes. When someone is sitting on it, it does not provide any challenges for them.

It is a nice and easy experience to use.

What is the most often seen chair?

Polypropylene Monobloc chairs are adjustable chairs that are typically white in color, lightweight, and easily placed on top of one another.

The general public refers to them as “the most popular plastic chairs in the world,” and they are right.


In our everyday lives, the chair is an important component of our surroundings. There are many different types of chairs available for our convenience, and we may choose the one that best meets our requirements.

I’ve discussed the best boss business chairs available, as well as the characteristics that they possess. In this article, I hope you were able to take away some important knowledge.

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