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List of Best Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

List of Best Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

Banking is shifting from analog to digital. Pakistan too. Because individuals desire greater comfort, convenience, and safety, mobile payments in Pakistan are altering the game.

Today, we’ll examine Pakistan’s top mobile wallets, providing you with the knowledge you need to navigate the digital world.

What Are Mobile Wallets?

It’s crucial to understand mobile banks. Simply, a mobile wallet is a phone-based version of your wallet. It enables individuals to shop, pay bills, fill up mobile phones, transfer money, and more without cash.

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Benefits of Using Mobile Wallets

Before diving into the list, let’s glance at why mobile wallets are gaining popularity. They offer:

  • Convenience: With just a few taps, transactions are made.
  • Security: Encryption and tokenization ensure secure transactions.
  • Accessibility: Send or receive money 24/7, from anywhere.
  • Control: Real-time tracking of transactions and spending.

List of 10 Best Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa
  • UBL Omni
  • HBL Konnect
  • Keenu Wallet
  • Zong PayMax
  • Askari Bank Mobile Wallet
  • Upaisa
  • FonePay
  • Alfa Wallet

1. JazzCash

JazzCash, powered by Mobilink, stands as one of the top mobile wallets in Pakistan. It enables users to perform a wide range of financial transactions with a simple user interface. Its services include money transfers, QR payments, bill payments, and mobile top-ups. The JazzCash Visa Debit Card can even be linked to the wallet for ATM withdrawals.

2. EasyPaisa

Introduced by Telenor, EasyPaisa was the first mobile wallet in Pakistan. Known for its extensive reach and user-friendly interface, it offers various services like money transfers, bill payments, international remittances, and even life insurance. It provides a debit card, EasyPaisa MasterCard, for ATM withdrawals and online shopping.

3. UBL Omni

UBL Omni, a product of United Bank Limited, provides an extensive range of services, including money transfers, utility bill payments, mobile top-ups, and savings accounts. What sets UBL Omni apart is its Branchless Banking Services, which ensure banking facilities in the most remote areas of Pakistan.

4. HBL Konnect

HBL Konnect, by Habib Bank Limited, aims to make banking hassle-free. Users can make direct payments, send money, and pay bills. One standout feature is the Konnect Shop facility, which lets users deposit and withdraw money from any HBL Konnect Shop across Pakistan.

5. Keenu Wallet

Keenu Wallet offers a refreshing touch to the mobile wallet industry in Pakistan. Besides the basic features, it enables users to make in-store payments via QR code. One significant advantage of Keenu Wallet is the Rewards Program where users can earn points on each transaction, redeemable for future purchases.

6. Zong PayMax

Zong PayMax is a mobile wallet introduced by Zong, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan. To create a Zong PayMax account, download the Zong PayMax app, sign up using your mobile number, and verify your identity.

You can load funds into your Zong PayMax wallet through Zong service centers or authorized agents. Zong PayMax enables users to make payments, send money, and avail exciting offers.

7. Askari Bank Mobile Wallet

Askari Bank Mobile Wallet is a convenient digital payment solution offered by Askari Bank Limited. To get started, download the Askari Bank Mobile Wallet app, sign up using your mobile number, and complete the registration process.

You can load funds into your wallet through bank transfers or Askari Bank branches. Askari Bank Mobile Wallet allows you to make payments, transfer funds, and view transaction history effortlessly.

8. Upaisa

Ufone and U Bank’s Upaisa mobile wallet lets you do several financial transactions.Sign up with your cellphone number, download the Upaisa app, and authenticate your identity to establish an account.

You can load funds into your Upaisa wallet through Ufone service centers, UBank branches, or Ufone scratch cards. With Upaisa, you can pay bills, send money, and make purchases conveniently.

9. FonePay

FonePay, powered by MasterCard, is known for its widespread merchant network. Users can pay through QR code at numerous businesses. The Digital Discount Card feature is its main highlight, providing exciting deals and discounts.

10. Alfa Wallet

Alfa Wallet, by Bank Alfalah, is a comprehensive digital banking solution. It covers everything from basic transactions to ticket booking and food delivery. The Alfa Virtual Debit Card is a key feature, offering secure online shopping.


Which is the best online wallet for Pakistan?

The best online wallet for Pakistan is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, some popular options in Pakistan include JazzCash, Easypaisa, and SimSim, which offer convenient features, secure transactions, and a wide range of services to cater to different user needs.

Is EasyPaisa a mobile wallet?

Pakistani mobile wallets like EasyPaisa. It provides online shopping, bill payments, money transfers, and mobile top-ups. EasyPaisa offers safe, simple digital payment options nationwide with its user-friendly app and broad agent network.

Which wallet is best without a bank account?

For those without a bank account, the best mobile wallet options in Pakistan are Easypaisa and JazzCash. Both wallets allow users to perform a wide range of transactions, including money transfers, bill payments, and mobile top-ups. With their extensive agent networks and multiple funding options, Easypaisa and JazzCash provide convenient and accessible financial services for individuals without a bank account.


Pakistan has several mobile wallets, each with its own strengths and features. Individual requirements and tastes determine whether JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Finja, or FonePay is best.

Understanding these digital instruments’ advantages and functions may lead to a more comfortable, secure, and effective financial living. As technology advances, these platforms will provide increasingly sophisticated functionality.


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