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List of best ride sharing apps in Pakistan

List of best ride sharing apps in Pakistan

In recent years, Ride Sharing Apps in Pakistan have revolutionized the way locals commute. Gone are the days of hailing traditional cabs or waiting for public transport; now, with just a few taps on a smartphone, individuals can effortlessly summon a ride to their desired destination. These digital platforms not only offer convenience but also a sense of safety and reliability.

This piece will delve into the most popular Ride Sharing Apps in Pakistan. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a quick and efficient mode of transportation, you’ll know exactly which app to open and use.

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10 best ride sharing apps in Pakistan

We’ll explain the 10 best ride sharing apps Pakistan in this post. So,let’s we start it!

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1. Uber

Uber transportation services

Uber is a global titan in the ride-sharing industry and Pakistan is no exception. This well-established app brings reliable and convenient transportation services right to your fingertips.

Key features:

  • Wide coverage: Uber operates in several cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.
  • Variety of ride options: Uber provides everything, whether you want a cheap journey or a luxurious experience.
  • Transparent pricing: Uber provides fare estimates before you book a ride, eliminating surprise charges.

2. Careem

Careem app

Originally from the Middle East, Careem has carved a niche for itself in Pakistan’s ride-sharing market. Acquired by Uber in 2019, it continues to operate independently, maintaining its unique features and services.

Key features:

  • Extensive services: Beyond ride-hailing, Careem offers delivery and payment services.
  • Careem Rewards: Users can earn points for each ride, which can be redeemed for discounts and other benefits.
  • Safety and security: Careem prioritizes user safety, with drivers undergoing rigorous background checks.

3. Bykea

Bykea ride sharing apps

Bykea stands out in the Pakistani ride-sharing market with its unique motorcycle service. This local start-up has quickly gained popularity due to its affordability and efficiency, especially in congested cities.

Key features:

  • Bike-based transportation: Ideal for navigating through heavy traffic.
  • Additional services: Bykea also offers parcel delivery and bill payment services.
  • Localized experience: Bykea understands the local market, providing services tailored to the needs of Pakistani users.

4. Siayara

Siayara ride sharing apps

A local competitor to the international giants, Siayara offers ride-sharing services specifically designed for Pakistan.

Key features:

  • Local focus: Siayara is designed to meet the unique transportation needs of Pakistani users.
  • Eco-friendly: Siayara has electric cars in its fleet, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Customer-centric services: Siayara offers round-the-clock customer service for any ride-related issues.

5. Airlift

Airlift ride sharing apps

Airlift steps away from the traditional ride-sharing model and instead offers a bus-based solution. Aimed at daily commuters, Airlift aims to decongest city streets and provide a more sustainable transportation option.

Key features:

  • Scheduled rides: Airlift operates on fixed routes and schedules.
  • Affordable: It offers a budget-friendly alternative for daily commuters.
  • Environmentally friendly: By promoting mass transit, Airlift helps reduce carbon emissions.

6. Bolt

Bolt ride sharing apps

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is another international service operating in Pakistan, offering competitive prices and ease of use.

Key features:

  • Competitive pricing: Bolt claims to have lower prices compared to other ride-sharing apps.
  • Quality service: Bolt focuses on ensuring a pleasant ride experience for all users.
  • Wide coverage: Bolt operates in several cities in Pakistan.


SWVL ride sharing apps

SWVL is an Egypt-based startup offering a bus hailing service in Pakistan. It’s perfect for users who prioritize cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Key features:

  • Fixed routes: SWVL operates on predetermined routes and schedules.
  • Affordable commuting: SWVL is an economical choice for daily travel.
  • App-based booking: You can book and pay for rides using the SWVL app.

8. Daewoo Cab

Daewoo Cab ride sharing apps

Daewoo Cab is an extension of the renowned Daewoo Express Bus Service. The app offers taxi services with a unique approach.

Key features:

  • Uses a fleet of premium and luxurious cars.
  • Offers a convenient airport pick-and-drop service.
  • Provides a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride experience.

9. Rocket Rickshaw

Rocket Rickshaw riding app in Pakistan

Rocket Rickshaw brings the traditional ‘auto-rickshaw’ culture to the digital age, offering quick, convenient, and affordable transport.

Key features:

  • Affordable and ideal for short commutes.
  • Integrates traditional transport with digital technology.
  • Provides quick and easy booking through the app.

10. Lyft

Lyft riding apps in Pakistan

Although relatively new to the Pakistani market, Lyft, an American company, has begun to make its mark with its reliable and customer-friendly services.

Key features:

  • Offers a variety of ride options, catering to different user needs.
  • Features an easy-to-use app interface.
  • Provides reliable services with safety as a priority.

Choosing the Best Ride-Sharing App for You

When choosing a ride-sharing app in Pakistan, consider the following factors:

  • Coverage: Some apps have wider city coverage than others.
  • Cost: Compare prices across apps to get the best value.
  • Services: Some apps offer additional services like food delivery or bus rides.
  • Safety: Choose apps that prioritize driver verification and user safety.
  • User Reviews: Check App Store and Google Play reviews.


Which app is best for ride in Pakistan?

The “best” ride app in Pakistan varies based on personal preferences and requirements. However, Uber and Careem are highly rated for their reliability, safety features, and extensive coverage in major cities, making them popular choices for many riders.

Which is the cheapest ride app in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s cheapest transportation app depends on location and time. Since my previous updat, Bykea and Rocket Rickshaw are regularly highlighted as economical solutions owing to their utilization of two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws.

Which is the best ride-hailing services in Pakistan?

Personal choices determine the finest Pakistani ride-hailing service. Uber and Careem are popular because of their vast coverage, high service quality, and user-friendly applications.

How much Uber cost per km in Pakistan?

As of my knowledge, Uber’s cost per kilometer in Pakistan may vary based on location, demand, and the type of service selected. For the most current rates, it’s advisable to check directly on the Uber app or their official website.


Pakistan’s ride-sharing business provides several options with distinct perks. You can find a ride-sharing app that meets your needs.

Uber, Careem, Bykea, Siayara, Airlift, Bolt, and SWVL each bring something different to the table, so consider your specific needs when choosing an app. With this guide at hand, navigating the bustling streets of Pakistan has never been easier.


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