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Honda CG125 Self-Start Price and Installment Plan

Honda CG125 Self-Start Price and Installment Plan in 2024

Did you know Honda CG125 Self-Start Price and Installment Plan?  When we need to get from one place to another, we use different kinds of transportation.  There are many other ways to get from one place to another. For example. We can drive a car, take a bus, ride a motorcycle, or do any number of other things.

If we’re talking about motorcycles, it’s clear that this is the best way to get around. We can easily get to any place, and it’s much cheaper for us to give our services when we do it on a motorcycle. On the market, there are a lot of different kinds of motorcycles to choose from. Each motorcycle maker, like Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and many others, has a wide range of models that customers buy and ride.

The Honda CG125 is the best and most popular model because of this. Honda has made a powerful new bike to compete with Yamaha and Suzuki, which they already do. The Honda CG125 motorcycle is the most popular choice because it is reliable and lasts for a long time. It also has the highest resale value on the market. Because they have unique features and are in high demand on the market. Anyone can now buy this motorcycle at the payment plan price. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get started learning

About the Honda CG125’s self-start features and payment installment options.

What type of motorcycle is the Honda CG 125 Self Start?

  • The Honda CG125, which most people just call the Honda CG, is a commuter motorcycle that Honda makes in Japan.
  • Because this bike has so much power, it has helped make Honda Atlas one of the most popular and successful companies in terms of sales.
  • The Honda CG 125 Self Start comes with a 124cc engine that is known for its lightning-fast acceleration and great gas mileage.
  • This motorcycle gets about 35 kilometers per liter on average, which, compared to the 125cc engine, is pretty good fuel economy.

Main features of the Honda GC125 self-start

  • Self-Start System
  • Outstanding Graphics Featuring a One-of-a-Kind Chrome Side Core
  • OHV Engine with 4 Strokes and 125cc Capacity
  • The Big Break Drum Provides an Extraordinary Degree of Control
  • Transmission with 5 Different Gears
  • A sophisticated silencer core that is painted black and has a beautiful look and sound.
  • Chain Roller

Price of the Honda GC125 self-start

The most recent price that the Honda GS125 model can be purchased for is $210,900.

Specifications for the Honda GC125self-start

Engine4 Stroke 125cc OHV Air Cooled
ColorsRed, Black
Displacement124.1 cm3
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Transmission5 Speed Constant Mesh
Final DriveRoller Chain
Dimension(LxWxH)1912 x 727 x 1029 mm
Seat Height765 mm
Ground Clearance133 mm
Petrol Capacity9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters)
Wheel Base1212 mm
Tire at Front2.50 – 18 (38P)
Tire at Back3.00 – 17  (50P)
Suspension at FrontTelescopic Fork 103mm Travel
Suspension at BackSwing Arm 70 mm Travel
Dry Weight108kg

Honda CG125 installment plans

We may be able to obtain a Honda CG125 by making simple monthly payments over the course of a year.

Therefore, the installment plan involves Bank Alfalah, which gives a zero percent markup on four different pathogens. Honda CG125 Self-Start Price and Installment Plan.

Three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months. For the 9 and 12-month plans, the processing cost is either 2.5% of the total amount of Rs 700, whichever is greater.

For the 18-month plan, the processing fee is reduced.

Depending on how the payment plans work, the first payment could be anywhere from 15% to 50% of the total price. 

Duration3 Months6 Months12 Months
Down PaymentRs. 0Rs. 34,630Rs. 34,630
Monthly InstallmentRs. 49,860Rs. 20,540Rs. 11,430


The Honda CG125 self-start price and installment plan for 2024 offer consumers a convenient option for purchasing this popular motorcycle model. With flexible installment plans, buyers can spread out payments over time, making the bike more accessible to a wider range of customers. The competitive pricing and financing options make the CG125 self-start a compelling choice in the market. However, it’s essential for buyers to carefully consider their budget and financial obligations before committing to a purchase. Overall, the availability of installment plans adds convenience and affordability for prospective buyers of the Honda CG125 self-start model in 2024.

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