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List of Private Limited Companies in Pakistan

List of Private Limited Companies in Pakistan

Private Limited Companies are the most common form of UK company incorporation. It is established directly by registering the company with the company house.

It functions as a distinct legal entity for its directors and shareholders – the company is ‘an individual in itself’.

This means that all business assets, liabilities, and profits belong to the company itself and the shareholders are not solely responsible for the debts incurred by the company.

There are a lot of features of a private limited company that cover issues such as borrowing money, paying pensions, reporting business accounts, selling the business or raising capital, and how you pay yourself.

An example of a private limited company is often a local retailer, such as a shop or restaurant that does not have a national presence.

An example of a public limited company is a large corporation such as a chain of retailers or restaurants with shares that anyone can buy and sell. (Goods exempted form sales tax)

Most private limited companies are small because there is no minimum capital requirement for incorporating a limited company other than the issuance of at least one share.

Who can set up a limited company?

The owners of private limited companies are known as shareholders and each holds a certain number of shares in the business.

This means you can set up a limited company yourself you’ll own 100% of all shares or split the available shares among shareholders, among others.

To become a shareholder you must purchase one or more shares issued by the company and these are issued when you form the company in which each share represents an equal percentage of the business.

Additional shares can be created and issued after the business is incorporated and the more shares you have, the larger the percentage of your business.

Top Private Limited Companies in Pakistan

  • Admiral of New York (Private) Limited
  • Khalil Private Limited
  • Ayan Citrus Private Limited
  • Open Data Systems Private Limited
  • Lucky Engineering and Scientific Company
  • Genu Industries Private Limited
  • Buzyb Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

Admiral of New York (Private) Limited

Admiral of New York (Private) Limited IN PAKISTAN

Admiral Of New York Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of a wide variety of Cosmetic & Cosmetic products in Pakistan.

The company was established in 1975 to cater to the needs of the middle and upper class of the market with high-quality beauty care products.

The company belongs to the Kohinoor Group, one of the leading conglomerates in Pakistan, engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, and exporting a wide variety of consumer products such as pharmaceuticals, dry battery cells, detergents, packaging, besides cosmetics.

The company manufactures a wide variety of beauty care products under the brand names Swiss Miss, Admiral, Viceroy, and Broche.

The company is looking for export opportunities to market its products worldwide.

Anyone wishing to know more about the company, such as products and export prices can contact us by fax or email.

Khalil Private Limited Companies

Khalil Private Limited Companies in pakistan

Khalil (Pvt) Private Limited Companies, (KPL) was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1969 and was registered with the Registrar, Joint Stock Company, Karachi, Pakistan.

They are the physical suppliers of the bunkers and lube oil, as well as barge owners and operators.

They sell IFO 180 CST and IFO 120 CST, as well as MGO and MDO. Fuel specs are as per refineries and OMCs in Pakistan.

They own and operate their barges of 600 MT capacities. They provide bunker services in Karachi and Bin Qasim Port.

They are striving hard to meet the needs of their international clients.

They are successful for their valued clients across the globe owing to their unmatched quality products and services.

Ayan Citrus Private Limited Companies

Ayan Citrus Private Limited Companies in pakistan

Ayan Citrus (Pvt) Ltd. deals in the processing of Mandarins – Fresh Citrus Fruits. The company is limited by shares.

The management has more than 20 years of experience in citrus trading in Pakistan.

Now they are exploring new avenues of export and trying to set standards.

Ayan Citrus Pvt Ltd has vast experience not only in export but also in orchard management, pre-harvest, and post-harvest treatment of kinnow (Mandarin).

Open Data Systems Private Limited Companies

Lucky Engineering and Scientific Company in pakistan

Open Data Systems Private Limited Companies was formed in mid-2014 and was registered under the Companies Act in SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).

They are open data research and big data management company that also produces statistical data and predictive analytics.

They generate or collect a lot of raw data and information through their infrastructure as a Service IaaS and Software as a Service SaaS from their publicly offered Platform as a Service PaaS interface.

They cover everything from publicly available data and information to in-house maintained database systems that provide business intelligence and knowledge management systems in organizations small and large.

They also sometimes provide customized data and information research products for the general public.

Lucky Engineering and Scientific Company

Lucky Engineering and Scientific Company in pakistan

They are Importer, Exporters, and Stockiest of Construction Machinery.

M/s Lucky Engineering & Scientific Company (LESCO) is a reputed name in the dealing and marketing of Survey Equipment, Construction Machinery, Testing Equipment, and General Order Supplier.

They have in-depth experience in the engineering sector and satisfy their valued clients in the private sector, government, and semi-government organizations by providing timely services and modern international standards.

Genu Industries Private Limited Companies

Genu Industries Private Limited Companies in pakistan

Genu. They are a Registered Private Limited Company and they are interested in the immediate sale of a complete Ballpoint Pen Manufacturing Plant.

This plant has only been used for 9000 hours and is as good as new.

They also have a stock of ballpoint pens and hot stamping foil, which they also like to dispose of as stock lots.

Buzyb Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd

Buzyb Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd in pakistan

 Buzyb Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd. is a seaworthy, movable, and reliable company, has developed from the world’s Best Shipping & Freight B2B Website Portal in One Complete Freight Forwarding, logistics, transportation, and shipping agency service provider.

They are based in Islamabad with a full presence in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

They have their own smart professional network coverage of more than 529 destinations/origins including China USA, the Middle East, and Africa along with an effective network of partners globally.

In addition, affiliations and registrations with international transport bodies and world top ranking container liners and airliners give greater control over shipments to be executed professionally.

Conclusion Private Limited Companies

A private limited company is a corporation that does not sell the company’s shares to the public and keeps them private.

The financial statements of a Private Limited Company are not public, their shares do not trade on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and their accounts are not required to be audited.

Above I have discussed the Top 7 Private Limited Companies reading which you will be able to understand.

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