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Humayun Saeed Drama List Biography

Humayun Saeed Drama List + Biography + Career + Life Style

Are you looking for Humayun Saeed Drama List as well as their career to know about? Ohh, really? Here you will get a complete list of Humayun Saeed Dramas list + biography + Family Pics + Showbiz Career.

Humayun Saeedborn, 27 July 1971 is a Pakistani actor and producer.  Saeed is also the co-founder of media production house Six Sigma Plus which produces television drama serials and commercial films.

He has acted in dozens of Pakistani television dramas and a limited number of films and has earned numerous accolades including the Lux Style Awards and the ARY Film Awards, a good fan following in Pakistan since Saeed’s inception. is. Career and he was often ranked among the highest-paid TV actors of his time. In recent years, he has acted in several commercially successful films.

Humayun Saeed

About Humayun Saeed:

Known for: Fawad Khagga

Nickname: Humayun

Ful name: Humayun Saeed

Profession: Actor, Model, Producer, Director, Writer

Nationality:  Pakistani

Age: 49 years old (in 2021)

Date of Birth: July 27, 1971

Birth Place: Karachi

Zodiac SIGN: Leo

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

HEIGHT: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m)

WEIGHT: 79 kg (174 lbs.)

CHEST: 42 Inches

WAIST: 36 inches

BODY TYPE: Average

BICEPS: 14 inches



Hamayun Saeed Career:

Hamayun Saeed was fond of becoming an actor until his school life. However, in 1995, he took a flight into the drama industry of Pakistan and, very soon, became a multi-talented figure in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

The talented star began his showbiz career as a producer in 1980 and later decided to act in Pakistani dramas.

He played a leading role in various super hit plays in Pakistani drama history. His super hit dramas, which include Ishq Ki Inteha, Chandni Raaten, Muhabbat Rote Jai Se, Dum, Meri Zara Zara Bay Nishaan, Doraha, Ana, Ashti, Dillagi, and Oraon.

In 1996, Saeed gave the best acting performance in his first drama serial Tum Ab Tum Jaa Sakat Ho, which aired on PTV with co-actress Sania Saeed. As a result of his hardworking performance, he was awarded the Best Actor Award.

Now, he is the only actor from Pakistan to win the Best Actor award after his first serial. He was proved to be an amazing host in many popular television programs.

Hamayun Saeed Drama List: Saeed produces super hit dramas in the Pakistani drama industry in a very short period of time, such as Murat, Makan, Riyasat, Doraha, Gul e Rana, Dam, and Meri Zaat Zara e B Nishan.

Nowadays, he became a good builder of Pakistan. When he gained immense popularity in the drama industry, he went on to perform on the big screen.

In 1999, Saeed also won the Best Actor Award in the Pakistani film industry for his outstanding performance for playing a negative role in ‘Inteha’ with co-stars Meera and Resham. Saeed acted in the Bollywood film industry and debuted with the film ‘Jashn’.

He has also appeared in several blockbuster films in 2013, such as Shah Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, with co-actress Mahnoor Baloch, and Ph Jawani Phir Nahi Aana with co-star Sohni Ali Abro.

hamayun saeed Drama list

Humayun Saeed Drama List

Meray Paas Tum HoARY DigitalAugust 17, 2019
Main Aur Tum 2.0ARY DigitalSeptember 2, 2017
Bin RoyeHUM TVOctober 2, 2016
Dil LagiARY DigitalMarch 5, 2016
KaafirARY DigitalNovember 28, 2011
NeeyatARY DigitalJune 24, 2011
Mohabbat Rooth Jaye TohHUM TVMay 29, 2011
Ladies ParkGEO TVFebruary 22, 2011
Zip Bus Chup RahoGEO TVJanuary 24, 2011
LamhaLamhaZindagiARY DigitalJanuary 21, 2011
SaansARY DigitalJanuary 3, 2011
DaddyARY DigitalNovember 13, 2010
UraanGEO TVNovember 6, 2010
Omer Dadi Aur GharwaleARY DigitalOctober 26, 2010
Ishq GumshudaHUM TVJune 25, 2010
IjazatARY DigitalMay 6, 2010
Tere LiyeARY DigitalJanuary 22, 2010
Meri Zaat Zarra-e-BenishanGEO TVNovember 28, 2009
Ishq Ki IntehaGEO TVJuly 4, 2009
Ishq Junoon DeewangiHUM TVMay 15, 2009
AashtiHUM TVMarch 23, 2009
DorahaGEO TVOctober 17, 2008
Yeh Zindagi HaiGEO TVMay 12, 2008

The list of dramas produced by Humayun Saeed

Hamayun Saeed Drama List as producer

1. Moorat – 2005
2. Riyasat – 2005
3. Manzil – 2006
4. Makan – 2006
5. Sarkar Sahab – 2007
6. Doraha – 2008
7. Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan – 2010
8. Daam – 2010
9. Talafi – 2012
10. Gul-e-Rana – 2016

The list of films in which Hamayun Saeed was acted is:

1. Inteha – 1999
2. No Paisa No Problem – 2000
3. Mein Ek Din Lot Ke Aao Ga – 2007
4. Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay – 2008
5. Jashn – 2009
6. Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi – 2013
7. Bin Roye – 2015
8. Jawani Phir Nahin Aani – 2015
9. Actor In Law – Guest Appearance (2016)

The list of films which were produced by Hamayun Saeed is:

1. Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi
2. Jawani Phir Nahin Aani
3. Mein Punjab Nahin Jaoongi

Early Life and Family

Humayun Saeed Early Life and Family:

Saeed was born in Karachi on 27 July 1971 into “a liberal and well-educated Punjabi family”. Saeed studied at the Nasara School in Karachi, where he excelled in his studies and achieved the distinction of his academic career after matriculation. 

He later enrolled at St. Patrick’s College, a premier institution in Karachi, and earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Saeed said that he worked happily in a garment factory as a general manager before coming to the showpiece.  He described himself as “shy” when he grew up. He said in an interview, at an early age my parents were against me. He did not support my showbiz career.

But with the passage of time, they understand me by my great efforts. Now they are proud of me. On the other hand, my wife belongs to a very conservative family. He has a lot of problems in the early stages but now he has a maturity level.

Awards and nominations:

2000Best Actor in a negative role(Film)Intiha National AwardsWon 
2002Best Actor (TV)Kabhi Pyar MeinBabban Mian/Ahmar1st Lux Style AwardsNominated 
2002Best Actor (TV)Kangan PTV AwardsWon 
2002Best ActorInteha (Film) Graduate AwardsWon 
2002Best ActorInteha (Film) Nigaar AwardsWon 
2003Best Actor (TV)Chandni RatainAsim2nd Lux Style AwardsWon 
2004Best Actor (TV)MehndiShahzeb3rd Lux Style AwardsWon 
2005Best Tv actor in a drama seriesMujrim (Maa Aur Mamta) The 1st Indus Drama AwardsWon 
2005Best Tv actor (satellite)Hum Say Judaa Na Hona 4th Lux Style AwardsWon 
2007Best Tv actor (satellite)Tere Ishq Mein 6th Lux Style AwardsNominated 
2008Best Tv actor (satellite)Koi Tau Barish 7th Lux Style AwardsWon 
2010Best Tv actor (satellite)Ishq Junoon DeewangiSahil9th Lux Style AwardsWon 
2010Best Tv actor (satellite)DorahaOmar9th Lux Style AwardsNominated 
2014Best Actor (Film)Main Hoon Shahid AfridiCoach Akbar Din13th Lux Style AwardsNominated 
2014Best Actor in a leading role (Popular)Main Hoon Shahid AfridiCoach Akbar Din1st ARY Film AwardsNominated 
2014Best Actor in a leading role (Jury)Main Hoon Shahid AfridiCoach Akbar Din1st ARY Film AwardsWon 
2016Best Actor (Film)Jawani Phir Nahi AniSherry15th Lux Style AwardsWon 
2016Best Actor in a leading roleJawani Phir Nahi AniSherry2nd ARY Film AwardsWon 
2016Best Actor (Recognition Award)Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Bin RoyeSherry, Irtaza4th Hum AwardsWon 
2018Best Actor (Film)Punjab Nahi JaungiFawad Khan17th Lux Style AwardsWon 

 Hamayun Saeed’s Other awards and honors:

  • Best actor for musical telefilm Zeher by Yasir Akhtar
  • Best Actor Award at Pakistan Achievement Awards (2015)
  • Recognition for contribution to Pakistani cinema

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Hamayun Saeed Personal Life:

Personal Life

Humayun Saeed married Sameena Humayun Saeed. He is a Pakistani drama serial producer and is well known in the country for his many hit drama serials like ‘Kuch Pyaar Kiya Pagal’, are Akbari Asgari ‘, and’ Kash Men Teri Beti Na Hoti ‘.

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