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list of construction companies in Islamabad

list of construction companies in Islamabad in 2023

When new homes, businesses, mixed-use buildings, and other types of physical infrastructure are built, it creates new jobs and opens up a lot of growth opportunities.

Many construction companies fail to complete public and private development projects.

You can get closer to your building goals with the support of a team of highly qualified engineers who know their way around the construction process.

The top Pakistani construction company stands out because of how quickly it starts and completes building projects.

list of construction companies

Let’s have a look at the different construction companies that are situated in Islamabad.

Habib Construction Services

Habib Construction Services

Habib Construction Services is an organization that “provides construction services” for the building of large and weighty infrastructure.

They are qualified to provide cutting-edge technology for projects like roads, bridges, highways, and large industrial facilities.

Also, the engineers are so skilled and experienced that they make the building’s design unbeatable.

ZKB Engineers and builders

ZKB Engineers and builders

ZKB’s engineers and builders specialize in speeding up real estate projects. No money is lost on any project.

Engineers, developers, and builders who work professionally in the two cities have set new standards with their creative designs and building methods.

This company worked with CDA to create the M1 highway and other projects using related ideas.

Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of Companies

The Sardar Group of Companies stands out from other contractors because it has an impressive portfolio of over 170 completed projects and over 40 years of unmatched experience.

It is the biggest construction company in Pakistan, and its head office is in Islamabad, the country’s capital.

It has worked hard for years to be the best in Pakistan’s building industry, and now it is at the top.

Their strong buildings and high-quality construction materials show their attention to excellence.

AH Group of Companies

AH Group of Companies

AH Group of Companies has accomplished the delivery of four landmark projects in just two years with the assistance of a talented team and technical engineers,

whose main focus is to make things that are useful and beautiful as quickly as possible.

This has helped the once-small company grow into one of the top construction firms in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, despite its inexperience and success.

J7 Group

J7 Group

J7 Group has grown into a major player in the construction industry in Islamabad.

Now that so many new homes, businesses, and mixed-use structures have been built, architects are gradually stressing the inclusion of plush, welcoming features in their designs.

Many people are drawn to the expensive design philosophy because it takes a unique approach to the construction of masterpieces.

AAA Builders

AAA Builders

AAA Associates is a group of hardworking builders and architects committed to creating world-class structures in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

The most creative designers and builders have worked together to develop famous works of construction that have a common visual design philosophy clearly aimed at the goal of greatness.

Imarat Group of Builders

Imarat Group of Builders

When discussing the best construction companies in Islamabad, the term “Imarat Group of Builders” always comes up.

Islamabad takes great satisfaction in its selfless commitment to creating architectural masterpieces.

The group is well known for its development of real estate projects that have seen significant price growth and increased capital.

Leadership, engineering, and design are all at the cutting edge, and their mission is explained at the site.

ZEM Builders In Islamabad

ZEM Builders In Islamabad

The fact that the buildings in Bahria Town look both old and modern is a sign of how well they were built.

They took a fresh approach to the real estate sector, and now traditional building rules in Islamabad are being set by the city.

They have dedicated themselves to excellence and have drawn up plans for Zem Ark, Zem Liberty, and Zem Heights.

Jaffe Group of Companies

Jaffe Group of Companies

The Jaffer Group of Companies is Pakistan’s most venerable and oldest construction enterprise, boasting an impressive track record spanning more than 150 years.

This contractor in Pakistan has collected a long list of awards thanks to the superior quality of the building supplies, construction supplies, and king-sized projects that he has completed.

Zarkon Builders

Zarkon Builders

Zarkon Builders is known all over the Twin Cities for building and designing world-class architecture.

The company was founded in Rawalpindi and currently has its headquarters there.

Since 1985, it has not only been able to build interesting buildings, but it has also been able to build trusting relationships with its customers.

Zarkon Builders also provides excellent building services in the Twin Cities.

They do this without lowering the quality of their work or taking longer to finish their projects.


Therefore, you have the most comprehensive profile list of construction companies in the Islamabad area.

Choose the greatest builders from the list that’s been provided if you’re thinking about constructing any kind of property development project in the twin cities.

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