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list of export companies in pakistan

List of Export Companies in Pakistan 2023

Pakistan’s economy heavily relies on its export industry, which is driven by various companies across different sectors.

These businesses are examples of innovation, excellence, and global competitiveness in the marketplace.

They have made incalculable contributions to Pakistan’s economy, and they are thriving despite the difficulties imposed by the worldwide epidemic.

We’ll discuss the positive effects their efforts have had on the economy and the milestones they’ve reached.

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Best Exports Companies in Pakistan

Their contributions to the national economy, including their goods, services, and accomplishments, will also be discussed.

Best Exports Companies in Pakistan and their Products/Services:

Top 10 Textile and Apparel Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited
2Nishat Mills Limited
3Fazal Cloth Mills Limited
4Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
5Masood Textile Mills Limited
6Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited
7Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.
8Chenab Textile Mills
9Sitara Textile Industries Limited
10Lucky Textile Mills Limited

Top 10 Rice Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Matco Rice Processing (Pvt) Ltd.
2Mehran Rice Mills
3Al Hamd Foods Limited
4Reem Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
5Khalid Rice Mills
6Best Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
7Galaxy Rice Mills
8Amazing Textile Mills Ltd.
9Hanif’s Rice Mill
10Rizwan Rice Mills

Top 10 Leather and Leather Products Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Servis Shoes
2Bata Pakistan Limited
3Leather Field
4Sialkot Leather Industries
5S. H. Tanners
6Mega Leather Industry
7Al-Abbas Leather Corporation
8Vamp Leather Company
9M. S. Leather Industry
10Al Noor Tanneries

Top 10 Sports Goods Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Sialkot Sports
2Forward Sports
3CA Sports
4Kookaburra Sport
5Boom Boom Cricket (Pvt) Ltd.
6A. H. Sports
7Zenith Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
8Guru Nanak Sports
9Alsa International
10Mahr Sports

Top 10 Surgical instruments Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Matrix Surgical USA
2Medicon Instruments
3Khawaja Enterprises
4Surgicon (Pvt) Ltd.
5Horizon Instruments
6AA Instruments
7Four Stars Enterprises
8Hira Industries
9Geister Medizintechnik
10PAK Surgical

Top 10 Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Ferozsons Laboratories Limited
2GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited
3ICI Pakistan Limited
4Searle Pakistan Limited
5AGP Limited
6Wyeth Pakistan Limited
7Atco Laboratories Limited
8Getz Pharma Private Limited
9Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited
10Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Limited

Top 10 Gem and Jewelry Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Almas Jewelers
2Diamond Jewelry Pakistan
3Hanif Jewellery
4Karim Jewelers
5Noor Jewellers
6Pure Gold Jewellers
7Raja Jewellers
8S. Zaveri & Sons
9Tanzanite Jewelers
10The Jewelers

Top 10 Furniture Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Interwood Mobel (Pvt) Ltd.
2Master Offisys
3ChenOne Stores Limited
4The Office Furniture Company
5Habitat Furniture
6Casa Bella Furniture
7Premier Furniture
8Woodpecker Furniture
9Casa Mia Furniture
10Index Furniture

Top 10 Footwear Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Service Industries Limited
2Bata Pakistan Limited
3Milli Shoes
4Stylo Shoes
5Starlet Shoes
6N. Footwear (Pvt) Ltd.
7Chacha Footwear (Pvt) Ltd.
8Hush Puppies
9Interloop Limited
10Eastern Leather Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Top 10 Carpets and Rugs Exports Companies in Pakistan

NoCompanies Name
1Al-Karam Textile Mills
2Mekotex Private Limited
3Kashif Carpets
4Orient Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
5Karam Ceramics Limited
6Nasim Carpet Industries
7Raza Carpet Industries
8Abbot Carpet Industries
9Ali Carpets
10Sarhad Carpet Industries

Criteria for Selecting the Best Exports Companies in Pakistan

We present the list of the best export companies in Pakistan, let’s discuss the criteria we used for their selection.

The following criteria were used in our evaluation:

  • Annual revenue generated from exports
  • Number of countries served
  • Quality of products and services
  • Reputation in the industry
  • Awards and recognitions received


Numerous export firms in Pakistan make important contributions to the economy.

The list of these businesses is long and diverse, including entities from the textile, agricultural, and technological sectors.

These companies are providing employment opportunities and boosting the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

Exports are projected to maintain their upward trend in the future years as a result of rising demand for Pakistani goods throughout the world.


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