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Naimal Khawar Drama List Biography

Naimal Khawar Drama List + Biography + Career + Life style

Are you looking for Naimal Khawar Drama List as well as their career to know about? Ohh, really? Here you will get a complete list of Naimal Khawar Dramas list + biography + Family Pics + Showbiz Career.

Naimal Khawar is a beautiful Pakistani actress who is a new actress in the industry but is winning hearts with her beauty and talent. She is also a painter and a student of visual arts. This article contains a mixture of Naimal Khawar Drama List and biographies of Naimal Khawar and information about Naimal Khawar Family.

Naimal Khawar

Naimal Khawar Personal Detail

Name:Naimal Khawar
In Urdu:نیمل خاور
Famous As:Actress
Education:Bachelors in Visual Arts
Alma Mater:NCA
Profession:Actress and Virtual Artist
Debut Film:Verna
Debut Drama:Anaa
Years Active:2017-present
Date:17th November 1993
Spouse:Hamza Ali Abbasi
Parents:Her father is Pathan while her mother is Persian
Siblings :Fiza Khawar

Naimal Khawar Biography

Naimal Khawar Biography

Naimal is a beautiful and talented Pakistani actress and is also a visual artist and painter. she has won the hearts of people in no time. She is one of the actresses who made her debut in the entertainment industry from Lollywood in 2017.

The director contacted her through her social media account, so she accidentally jumped into the acting arena. She is unmarried and completely focused on his career.


She was born on 17 November 1993 in Islamabad, Pakistan, where she grew up. Currently, she lives in the same city but often travels to Karachi for her work.

Education of NAIMAL KHAWAR

She studied at Roots College International and then went on to do her graduation at the National College of Arts, which she did with Distinction in Visual Arts.

Naimal Khawar Family

Naimal Khawar Family

She is from a supportive family who supported her throughout her acting career, but they let her complete her education first. Her father is a Pathan while her mother is a Persian, hence her dual ethnicity. Her sister Fiza Khawar is about to become a lawyer while she has two younger brothers.

She tied the knot with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi on 25 August 2019. Now she is blessed with a baby boy.

Naimal Kharwar and Hamza Ali Abbasi welcomed their child

Niamal Husband

Naimal Kharwar and Hamza Ali Abbasi got married in 2019. The couple has a baby boy named Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi. The couple did not show any photos or news about their newborn baby. Naimal Kharwar and Hamza Ali Abbasi recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary on August 26 with their little boy Mustafa.

Showbiz career of Naimal Khawar

showbiz career

She made her acting debut in 2017 with the film ‘Varna’ with Mahira Khan and Aaron Shahid. The film is based on a harsh reality of life due to which she agreed. She contacted the film’s director Shoaib Mansoor, who found him on his Instagram account.

She auditioned and was chosen as the second female lead. According to him, she has a great experience shooting the film with well-known actors and directors, which made her feel comfortable at every step. His work in the film was praised by many, and she was recognized by various directors, after which she got various offers for films and plays.

She took a hiatus after his film to complete his education so that she would reduce the offer for a while. She completed her education in 2018, so she reduced the offers for some time. After completing his education in 2018, she got a role in ‘Aana’, a drama starring Honey Amir, Omar Mukhtar, and Shehzad Sheikh.

The show ruled trap charts, which also increased his fan following. However, a few months ago, she stepped on social media and decided to quit acting forever. By profession, she is also a painter and often paints beautiful and indifferent paintings.

Lesser-known Facts about Naimal Khawar: 

Lesser-known Facts about Naimal Khawarn
  • Naimal Khawar was born to a Pathan family. Her father is a Pathan and her mother is a Persian in Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • She has desired to be a painting artist.
  • She worked in the film “Verna” the film was about Women’s Empowerment.
  • She started her acting career in 2017.
  • She got many offers from the well-known directors of films and dramas to work with them after her fabulous acting in the film “Verna”

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Naimal Khawar Drama List

  1. Anna


  1. Verna


Her social media accounts where she updates her fans about the latest happenings are as follows


Naimal has achieved another feat by coming at number 1 in the most searched Google Personality in Pakistan in 2019. She came into the limelight after her role as Izah A popular drama serial in Aana ‘. Subsequently, his popularity increased when she joined Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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