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Online List of Prize Bond in Pakistan

Online List of Prize Bonds in Pakistan in 2023

Prize Bonds are the best way to get a large amount of money right away. To win a prize bond from National Savings, you need to rely heavily on luck. 

There is a monthly draw for prize bonds, and investors can choose from a wide range of bond types and prices. 
You can purchase Prize Bonds in these values: 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25,000, and 40,000 rupees.

Online List of Prize Bonds in Pakistan. As a result, prize bonds are often issued in a specific sequence.

Win Online Prize Bonds in Pakistan

The Prize Bond program is a great way to quickly earn a significant sum of money. Succeeding in obtaining a prize bond is mostly based on fate. 

Prize bonds are a form of corporate security and gold investment in Pakistan.

Attempting to win a rewarding bond in a lucky draw is not only an effective strategy but also a real one.

The National Savings Pakistan Bond is a new type of bond. It is also known as the Student Welfare Bond.

All scheduled banks, post offices, and National Savings Centers carry these bonds.

These steps were undertaken by National Director General Zafar Mehmood.

List of Prize bonds

There are prize bonds with values of PKR 100, PKR 200, PKR 750, PKR 1500, PKR 7500, PKR 15000, PKR 25000, and PKR 40000. Prize bonds are often issued in a set order. 

There are fewer than one million bonds in each series. There are regular drawings for the Prize Bonds.

  • The value of the first reward for a single 100 Prize Bond is Rs 700,000.
  • The first-prize value of an Rs. 200 prize bond is Rs. 750.000.
  • The first prize for a 750 prize bond is worth Rs 1,500,000.
  • The first prize on the Rs. 1,500 prize bond is worth three million rupees.
  • The first prize for the 7500 prize bond is worth Rs. 15,000,000.
  • The first reward on the Rs. 15,000 prize bond is worth thirty million rupees.
  • Reward bond number 25000 offers a first prize of Rs. 50,000,000 to one lucky winner.
  • One lucky winner will receive Rs. 75,000,000 (about $1.25 million) in cash for their winning 40000 prize bond.

Luck Matters

Luck Matters

This article is dedicated to the several types of prize bond winners. Investing in a Treasury bond program is preferable to buying foreign currency. 

If you’re lucky enough to win a prize bond, you may use the money to make your dreams come true. Luck really matters if you want to become rich. 

Bonds Given As Prizes On the Internet in Pakistan, you can find bonds worth 100, 200, 750, 1500, 1750, 15000, and 25000 Pakistani rupees. 

Check your Prize bond here

Check your Prize bond here

Some websites offer an online list of prize bonds in Pakistan. They regularly update their data according to newly announced lists.

 ForexTrading.pk allows you to check the status of your prize bond.

If you have a winning prize bond, you can look up the result of the most recent draw as well as older draws by entering the relevant draw numbers. 

New and past draws of all prize bond lists are available online and can be viewed on any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

You can see the most recent prize bond list updates on the specified day and hour following each poll.


What kinds of prize bonds are disallowed?

The government has stopped selling national prize bonds in the following denominations: Rs. 40,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 15,000, and Rs. 7,500 in order to address the issues of the Financial Action Task Force over black money and financial crimes.

Is it possible to get your money back from the prize bond?

Prize bonds with a payout of less than Rs. 10,000 are exchanged, while those with payouts of Rs. 10,000 or more are preserved, and their full value is given to the winner.

Does the Prize Bonds organization notify winners?

When will you find out whether you’ve won something? All Prize Bond winners receive a new bond certificate in the mail or a confirmation letter if they opt to have their money deposited into a bank account. If you move, you need to let them know so they can keep track of you and let you know if you win anything.

What’s the Islamic opinion on the Prize Bond?

Since prize bonds are a kind of gambling (Qamar), they break Islamic law and are forbidden to be used.


The complete catalog of Pakistani prize bonds is described here.

You can try your luck by purchasing a prize bond for any amount you like.

Several services allow you to view your prize bond status online.  It is my sincere hope that you may find this information helpful.

I thank you for your attention to this article.

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