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Packages Mall Lahore Brands

Packages Mall Brand List that you should know

Packages Mall Brand is a building that has a large number of shops. The shopping mall is a center with small shops. It is different from the bazaars. Each shop has its place along the walls. When it comes to packages malls this mall is one of the best malls in Lahore.

Packages Mall comes down to every standard in all respects. Everything from the shop to the restaurant is under one roof. There is a large parking area in the mall where vehicles are parked. In this mall, every facility is available for children and adults.

All arrangements have been made for children like a fun area to enjoy games and rides. The food court has Burger King, McDonald’s, Bombay Chowpatty, even Chinese food outlets. The best thing is that there is a prayer area for females and males so that you don’t miss your prayer while shopping.

Azan can be heard throughout the mall when it is time for the prayer. Packages mal is, All in all, a fabulous mall that ticks all the boxes.

The mall is located right next to the DHA (Defense Housing Authority) and will be easily accessible from Ferozepur Road. In this mall, more than two hundred brands will be under one roof.

Therefore, offer customers a peaceful shopping experience.

List of Brand in Packages Mall

Here is a list of Brand in Packages Mall.

  • Servaid
  • Jafferjees
  • Samsonite
  • Women’s Secret
  • BLS
  • Unze London
  • Aldo
  • Ndure
  • Mocciani
  • Logo
  • Marie Claire
  • Sputnik

There are many brands and shops are available in this mall but some of the malls are explained and mentioned in this article.

Servaid: Packages Mall

Servaid Packages Mall in pakistan

Servaid is the best drug company. Life-saving drugs, good staff, good pharmacists, good guidance for medicine are available in this store. With 24-hour services, equipped with qualified pharmacists on call, Servaid differentiates itself through its focus on customer service.

For the utmost convenience of its valued customers, Servaid offers a one stop shop solution by offering a wide range of consumer, healthcare and surgical products.

Unze London: Packages Mall Brand

Unze London Packages Mall Brand in pakistan

Unze London is an haute couture clothing company. An extensive collection of men’s, women’s and children’s shoe collections are available here in many of the latest and trendiest designs. Its stores and online outlets around the world provide the best services to its customers.

Their lifetime return and exchange policy has increased their value. You can shop for all age and casual shoes anytime, anywhere in the world. This shoe brand offers casual to formal shoes. You can also shop collections of traditional and bridal shoes.

Mocciani: Premium Footwear Brand

Mocciani Premium Footwear Brand in pakistan

Mocciani is the premium footwear brand from Pakistan, striving to bring the best quality and latest trends to the audience. Its products include shoes, bags, and accessories for both men and women.

his Mocciani Packages Mall Brand duo inspires, guides and defines the path that leads to excellence. Mocciani is premeditated for educated postmodern men and women.

NDURE: Fashion-Conscious Generation

NDURE Fashion-Conscious Generation in pakistan

NDURE is a footwear brand for today’s fashion-conscious generation. They offer high quality, comfort and the latest trends. Fashion is unique not only for you but also for every aspect of your personality. Live it up.

NDURE Packages Mall Brand has various designs for men, women, and children in casual and party shoes. The brand has been keeping its promises by offering premium yet fashionable shoes to adorn your feet. They never compromised on quality either.

Hobo: Sustainable Footwear

Hobo Sustainable Footwear in pakistan

Hobo is a personal, compact and highly ambitious company that makes sustainable footwear. The brand has a growing fan base, who appreciates the quality and look of the shoes.

The shoes are characterized by good quality in innovative and natural materials. Functionality, innovation and elegant design are the most important things for Hobo Shoes.

Gul Ahmed (Ideas)

Gul Ahmed Ideas in pakistan

Gul Ahmed is a household name in Pakistan. As a brand, it represents the highest quality with the latest styles and has consistently and successfully built its brand value year after year. Over the years, Gul Ahmed has become a complete home and fashion solution.

It is a Pakistani textile company that manufactures and sells clothing through a chain of retail stores under the name ‘Ideas by Gul Ahmed’.

Stylo: Packages Mall Brand

Stylo Packages Mall Brand

Stylo Shoes has become a recognized brand in footwear. Stylo Shoes also offers an incredible collection of jewelry, bags, clothing, and fragrances. A big part of Stylo’s successful journey as a big-name brand has been its ability to stay on top of trends in a fickle market.

The brand has become quick to anticipate changes in fashion and respond to them with unprecedented speed.

Rang JA: Top-Tier Local Clothing Brand

Rang JA Top-Tier Local Clothing Brand in pakistan

Rang JA is another top-tier local online clothing brand, renowned for its ready-to-wear clothing. Rang JA features bright colors and vehicle paint styles as fashion identities. The brand is a bit expensive but the offers are quite special.

Numerous color schemes and their complex combination make them orient, which represents the vivid and special tradition of the dress style as a distinctive position in the world. Rang JA takes cultural trends seriously and values them.

Body Shop: Ethically Produced Beauty Products

Body Shop Ethically Produced Beauty Products in pakistan

The Body Shop is a global manufacturer and retailer of naturally inspired and ethically produced beauty products and cosmetics.

They have all the products including types of body butter (including Moringa, Satsuma, Strawberry, Olive, Shea, Mango and Coconut) Body products like body scrub, body butter and bath lilies.

Conclusion: Packages Mall Brand

Packages Mall is one of the best malls in Lahore. It has all kinds of facilities and every variety and every brand is available. We hope you enjoy the article and that you have some information about packages Mall.

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