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Yumna Zaidi Drama List + Biography + Career + Life style

Yumna Zaidi Drama List + Biography + Career + Life style

Are you looking for Yumna Zaidi Drama List as well as their career to know about? Ohh, really? Here you will get a complete list of Yumna Zaidi Dramas list + biography + Family Pics + Showbiz Career.

Yumna Zaidi is the biggest name in the showbiz industry which has been active since 2012 and is one of the decent actresses. She has appeared in several serials as a supporting and lead actress, for which she has been nominated several times. This article contains detailed information about him including the biography of Yumna Zaidi, the Yumna Zaidi family, and the Yumna Zaidi Drama List.

Yumna Zaidi Personal Detail

Name:Yumna Zaidi
In Urdu:یمنا زیدی
Famous As:Actress
Education:Graduation in Home Economics
Alma Mater:Home Economics College of Lahore
Years Active:2012-present
Debut Drama:Thakan
Born Date:30th July 1989
Place:Lahore, Pakistan
Parents:Zamindar Zaidi and Shabana Naheed Zaidi.
Siblings :2 Sisters and 1 brother



Yumna has one of the most flawless, cultured, and attractive faces in our industry. This young actress is making her way in the industry and winning the hearts of people with her innocent face and brilliant acting.

She is an actress and an idol that fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress from childhood after completing her education. She is single and focuses solely on her career.


She was born on 30 July 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan, but currently, she lives in Dubai and comes to Karachi for her work.

Education of YUMNA

She has a bachelor’s degree in home economics from the Lahore College of Home Economics.



She has two older sisters and a younger brother. His father Zamindar Zaidi died recently. Yumna was born in Karachi but she was mostly born in Arif Wall. Later, she moved to Lahore for further studies. His family has been exceptionally supportive throughout his career.

All his family and relatives sit down to watch his plays and they always appreciate his work. Yumna’s siblings especially make her feel that she is the best actress in Pakistan. This support that he gets from his family gives him the encouragement he needs to work hard.

About Yumna Zaidi Marriage

Yumna Zaidi Marriage

She is not married yet, although his mother wants him to settle down now. The reason for this is that Yumna has a perfect ideal and has not found that person yet. She made it clear that she would have an arranged marriage but she wanted some special features in her husband.

Yumna thinks that her personality is dominating and controlling. Therefore, she will marry someone who has a strong personality. She wants her husband to dominate the relationship and has not found any such yet.

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Yumna Zaidi Acting career

Yamina Zaidi Acting career

In an interview, she told the media how Afan Waheed (who was a classmate of one of her sisters) helped her a lot in entering the showbiz industry in 2012, she made her first appearance role as an assistant in a drama serial Thakan on the small screen with Saba Qamar, Saba Hameed, and many others.

After Thakur, we got to see him in several serials as well as supporting roles like ‘Teri Raat Main Rul Gaye’ starring Sami Khan and Samia Mumtaz, which aired in Urdu. 1. Her performance in the drama serial Ulu Barai Farokht” received her 2013 Best Supporting Actress nomination. His lead role in the same year leading Rishte Kuchh Adhuri Sai earned him a lot of popularity.

Zaidi established herself as one of the biggest actresses in the industry after being a hit. In 2016 she appeared in the Hum TV drama Zara Yad Kar ‘alongside Zahid Ahmed and Sana Javed, which earned her intense love and admiration.

Their pairing with Ali Akbar is liked by many for which they were nominated as the best on-screen duo at the Hum Awards 2018.

Her drama ‘Inkaar’ based on an important issue with Samee Khan and Imran Ashraf, received acclaim from everywhere.

Yumna Zaidi TV show

Viewers often love Yumna Zaidi’s TV shows because of their content. She makes sure that she is only a part of shows that offer something new and engaging. Recently, Yumna Zaidi has reinforced herself by acting in plays that were more commercial.

Typically, Yumna prefers to be part of TV shows that are more artistic than commercial.


Yumina Zaidi Achievements

She has received several nominations in the year 2014 including Best Supporting Actress ‘Ulu Baray Farooq Nahi’. In addition, she has won nominations for the Best Actress and Best Popular Actress category for 2014 in Rishte Kuch Bhore Se. Best Villain, Best Actress, and Best Popular Actress for Mossum (2015) and Jugnu (2016).

Along with this, she was nominated for Best On-Screen Couple for her appearance in the year 2018 drama Yeh Dil with Ahmed Ali.

Yumna Zaidi Drama List

Lets Talk to about Yumna Zaidi Drama List

  1. Thakan 
  2. Khushi Ek Roag 
  3. Meri Dulari 
  4. Teri raah mein rul gaye
  5. Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi 
  6. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se 
  7. Mausam
  8. Aap ki Kaneez 
  9. Jugnoo 
  10. Paras 
  11. Guzaarish 
  12. Zara Yaad Kar 
  13. Pinjra 
  14. Yeh Raha Dil 
  15. Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
  16. Pukaar
  17. Dil Kia Karai
  18. Inkaar
  19. Zah e Naseeb


  1. Shareek e Hayat
  2. Kitni girhan baqi hain
  3. Salam Zindagi
  4. Mehmaan Qadardaan
  5. Jago Pakistan Jago
  6. Mazakraat


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