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Best Halal Makeup Brands List in Pakistan

Best Halal Makeup Brands List in Pakistan 2023

Searching for the best halal makeup brands in Pakistan? You’re in the right place! This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the leading halal cosmetics brands from Pakistan, equipping you with the insights needed to select the ideal makeup products for your preferences. As the demand for such products grows, it becomes paramount to choose items that align with not just your beauty requirements but also your core beliefs and values. Dive in as we unravel the realm of halal makeup brands in Pakistan and discover the most sought-after names in this industry.

Top 10 Halal Makeup Brands List in Pakistan

We’ll explain the top 10 Halal Makeup Brands list in Pakistan. Let’s start to explain it!

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1. Masarrat Misbah Makeup (MMM)

halal makeup brands in Pakistan Masarrat Misbah Makeup

The pioneer of halal cosmetics in Pakistan

Masarrat Misbah Makeup, developed by acclaimed makeup artist Masarrat Misbah, was the first Pakistani business to provide halal cosmetics. Halal, cruelty-free, and paraben-free components ensure the quality of their goods. Pakistani ladies like MMM because it sells foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.

2. Luscious Cosmetics

halal makeup brands in Pakistan luscious

Luscious Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics firm with a wide selection of halal beauty items. The business sells ethically sourced, luxury cosmetics. For their long-lasting wear and beautiful finish, their Super Moisturizing Lipstick and Angel Eyes Primer are two of their best-selling products.

3. Amara Halal Cosmetics

halal makeup brands in Pakistan Amara

Amara Halal Cosmetics is a renowned name in the world of halal makeup, offering eco-friendly and halal-certified products. Foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, and nail polishes are among their cosmetics collection. Amara’s high-quality, long-lasting, chemical-free goods are popular among ecologically sensitive customers.

4. Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot Cosmetics

The O2M Breathable Nail Polish by Inglot Cosmetics is a popular option since it is halal-approved. Popular among those looking for high-quality halal makeup, their broad cosmetics line includes a number of kosher choices, such as breathable nail paints and lipsticks. Inglot is a popular cosmetics company because of its wide selection of colors and cutting-edge formulas.

5. Golden Rose Cosmetics

Golden Rose Cosmetics

The Turkish company Golden Rose Cosmetics produces a broad variety of halal cosmetics at reasonable costs. Different eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundations are available to suit a wide range of skin tones. Golden Rose is a great option for people on a tighter budget because of its reasonable rates and halal certification.

6. Odho Cosmetics

Odho Cosmetics

Odho Cosmetics, a local brand founded by the renowned Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho, offers halal cosmetics designed specifically for Pakistani women. The brand strives to empower women by offering high-quality, reasonably-priced cosmetics that accommodate their distinct skin tones and preferences. All of their cosmetics, eyeshadows, and tints carry halal certification.

7. MustaeV Cosmetics

MustaeV Cosmetics

South Korean MustaeV Cosmetics sells high-end halal cosmetics. Innovative formulas, quality ingredients, and cutting-edge technology make their cosmetics line famous. Lustrous Cream Pro Lipstick and Silky Cotton Loose Powder are two of MustaeV’s best-selling, long-lasting products with faultless finishes. With its combination of luxury and halal certification, MustaeV Cosmetics is a favorite among cosmetics devotees in search of products of the highest quality.

8. Iba Halal Care

Iba Halal Care

This is an Indian company that has become well-known in Pakistan because of the quality and integrity of its halal cosmetics.Lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundations are all available, and they’re all produced using halal-approved materials. Iba Halal Care is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for clean and ethical cosmetics since they are committed to producing products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and devoid of dangerous ingredients.

9. Wardah Cosmetics

The Indonesian brand Wardah Cosmetics is renowned for its high-quality, halal-certified cosmetics. Their extensive selection consists of cosmetics, foundations, and eyeshadows, all of which are manufactured with halal ingredients and adhere to stringent manufacturing standards. Wardah Cosmetics is a well-liked option for those seeking inexpensive and ethical cosmetics options without sacrificing quality.

10. Clara Cosmetics

Lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundation are just a few of the halal cosmetics available from the Australian company Clara Cosmetics. Clara Cosmetics caters to the stylish lady looking for halal beauty products with its cutting-edge formulas and chic packaging. Their goods are reliable because they use high-quality materials.


Which makeup brand is best in Pakistan?

The best makeup brand in Pakistan is Masarrat Misbah Makeup, known for its pioneering halal-certified cosmetics, high-quality products, and extensive range catering to various preferences and skin tones.

What is the cheapest makeup brand in Pakistan?

The cheapest makeup brand in Pakistan is Golden Rose Cosmetics, offering a wide range of high-quality, halal-certified makeup products at affordable prices, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Which lipstick is halal in Pakistan?

Masarrat Misbah Makeup, Luscious Cosmetics, and Amara Halal Cosmetics provide halal lipsticks in Pakistan, guaranteeing that clients may enjoy high-quality, cruelty-free, and ethically produced lip colors while following their values.


In conclusion, there is a developing market for kosher cosmetics in Pakistan, with a diversity of options to suit different preferences, budgets, and aesthetics. There is a halal brand out there for every need and budget, from high-end cosmetics to basic toiletries. We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 halal makeup companies in Pakistan so you can shop with confidence, finding products that both respect your beliefs and bring out your natural beauty.

You may confidently explore halal cosmetics knowing that you are making a moral decision.


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