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Fortress Square Mall Lahore Brands list

Fortress Square Mall Lahore Brands list

Fortress Square Mall, situated in Lahore, Pakistan, is more than just a shopping hub. It’s a modern-day fortress of fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. If you’ve ever wondered about the variety of brands this mall hosts, this guide is for you. We’re going to explore the impressive list of brands that call this mall their home.

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The Appeal of Fortress Square Mall

Fortress Square Mall stands tall in the heart of Lahore, oozing contemporary appeal. It’s not just its architectural grandeur that makes it the go-to shopping destination. It’s the plethora of high-end brands that make it a shopping paradise.

The Retail Giants at Fortress Square Mall

Clothing and Apparel

1. Khaadi: Khaadi is noted for its wide assortment of traditional and modern clothing for men, women, and children.

2. Outfitters: Outfitters is a trendy brand featuring semi-formal and casual alternatives for men and women.

3. Sapphire: Sapphire, one of the most well-known companies, is renowned for its exceptional materials and distinctive patterns.

4. Junaid Jamshed (J.): J. is a leading brand that offers an array of clothing options, including Eastern wear and fragrances.

5. Gul Ahmed: Gul Ahmed is a name synonymous with quality, offering an extensive range of apparel and home textiles.


1. Bata: Bata makes high-quality shoes for all ages. Bata makes casual and dressy shoes that are durable and comfortable.

2. Stylo: Pakistan’s top women’s footwear brand is Stylo. It caters to consumers’ different interests with heels, flats, sandals, and more.

3. Borjan: Another Fortress Square Mall shoe brand is Borjan. It sells men’s and women’s shoes. Borjan is noted for its quality, comfort, and fashion-forward designs.

4. Service: The service sells shoes for men, women, and children. Service makes comfortable, durable sports and casual shoes.

5. Hush Puppy: Hush Puppies makes casual shoes worldwide. Hush Puppies is a favorite for individuals who want quality and elegance.

Accessories and Cosmetics

1. Charles, Keith: Charles & Keith makes trendy accessories worldwide. It’s a one-stop shop for trendy bags, shoes, and accessories.

2. Mac Cosmetics: MAC Cosmetics is a top professional makeup company with several beauty items. MAC has everything you need to look great, from high-quality foundations to vivid lipsticks.

3. Body Shop: The Body Shop offers ethical skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. Many beauty aficionados choose it for its cruelty-free and natural components.

4. Swarovski: Swarovski makes crystal jewelry and accessories worldwide. For elegant accessories, Swarovski is a must-visit.

5. Inglot Makeup: Inglot Cosmetics has several high-quality cosmetics items. Inglot lets you express your style with its many colors and inventive formulations.

The Food Court – A Gastronomic Delight

1. McDonald’s: McDonald’s, the global leader in fast cuisine, requires no introduction. McDonald’s is a go-to option for those desiring a fast, gratifying supper due to its renowned sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes.

2. Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is another international brand that’s made its mark in the food court of Fortress Square Mall. Offering a range of mouthwatering pizzas, sides, and desserts, it’s a paradise for pizza lovers.

3. KFC: KFC, renowned for its finger-licking good chicken, is a must-visit at Fortress Square Mall. From crispy fried chicken to flavorful burgers and sides, KFC offers something for everyone.

4. OPTP (One Potato Two Potato): OPTP is a local favorite, famous for its unique fries and flavorful burgers. With its extensive menu, OPTP is a great place to enjoy a casual meal with friends and family.

5. Chachajee: Chachajee brings authentic Pakistani cuisine to the mall’s food court. Offering a variety of traditional dishes, Chachajee is the perfect place to satiate your cravings for local flavors.

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Entertainment and More at Fortress Square Mall

Fun City

Fun City is a popular name in indoor amusement parks, and its locations cater to visitors of all ages.

The city provides everything you need for a thrilling adventure with friends or a delightful day with the whole family.

Cinepax Cinemas

Cinepax Cinemas, one of the largest cinema chains in Pakistan, offers an unparalleled movie-watching experience.

With the latest movies and top-notch facilities, it’s the perfect place for movie buffs.

Shopping Convenience at Fortress Square Mall

Supermarkets like Carrefour and Al-Fatah have made it easier than ever to stock up on pantry staples. You may get just about whatever you need for your home and family at one of these supermarkets.


Is Fortress closed on Sunday?

Fortress Square Mall in Lahore offers a full shopping and entertainment experience on Sundays. Mall hours are usually 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. For precise information, visit the official website or contact us beforehand.

What time is Joyland Fortress Lahore?

Joyland, a prominent amusement park at Fortress Square Mall in Lahore, works weekdays from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM and weekends from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Check the official website or call for current hours.

Which stadium is known as the fortress?

The Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore, India, is commonly referred to as “The Fortress.” Home to Bengaluru FC, one of the prominent football clubs in India, this stadium has gained its nickname due to the team’s strong home record.


Fortress Square Mall is a one-stop shop with everything from major retailers to delicious restaurants to exciting attractions.

From high-end fashion to comfortable everyday wear, from delectable dining options to thrilling entertainment, this mall has it all.

This list of brands hosted by the mall is a testament to its appeal, making it an unbeatable choice for a complete shopping experience in Lahore. Fortress Square Mall Lahore Brands list


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