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top Best-Selling Bikes in Pakistan in 2023

Top Best-Selling Bikes in Pakistan in 2023

Motorbikes are popular in Pakistan because they are affordable, simple to use, low maintenance, and economical. Top Best-Selling Bikes in Pakistan in 2023.

In Pakistan, nearly all homes have motorcycles for getting about the city.

Yet, with so many possibilities, picking the finest bicycle might be challenging. 

The fact that China’s best-selling models exceed those from established brands proves that price is a more important aspect than quality for many consumers in Pakistan.

We have compiled a list of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan right here.

CG-125 Honda

CG-125 Honda

The Honda CG-125, sometimes known as the “big brother” of the CD-70, is a more luxurious and powerful motorcycle.

Its 125cc engine provides more power and improved fuel efficiency.

The Honda CG-125 has a tank size of 9.2 gallons and offers a mileage of 30+ kilometers per liter.

The motorbike is a big seller in Pakistan because it provides reliable transportation at a low cost.

Honda CD-70

Honda CD-70

Honda CD-70 is the best-selling motorcycle in Pakistan due to the price, service, and safety it delivers to its customers.

The motorbike also has one of the best resale prices available in the country.

So it isn’t difficult for the owner to sell it when buying a newer version.

The Honda CD-70 also gives a remarkable fuel ratio of 45+ KM/L, a bonus point for all of its sales.

The Yamaha YBR125

The Yamaha YBR125

Yamaha’s YBR125 has been a huge success since it was introduced to the country just a few years ago, and for good reason.

It looks cooler and more athletic than the competing CD-70 and CG-125. In a short amount of time.

The Yamaha YBR125 rose to the top of Pakistan’s best-selling motorcycles due to its appealing styling, useful extras, and dependable performance. 

The motorcycle shares the CG-125’s 125cc engine and provides over 40 kilometers per liter of gas with its 13-liter tank. When comparing.

The Yamaha YBR125 to the Honda CG-125, which is frequently called a shaking machine but also delivers better road grip, the Yamaha easily comes out on top in terms of riding friendliness.

US-70 United

US-70 United

The United US-70 is comparable in features and design to the Honda CD-70 and the Road Prince RP-70, two other motorcycles mostly.

In the ‘China 70’ class. Alongside the Road Prince, the United US-70 is one of Pakistan’s best-selling motorcycles.

United US 70 is entering the local market as a new competitor, and it plans to use its low prices to attract customers’ attention.

United States of America 70 values comfort beyond all else.

The bike combines cutting-edge technology to boost fuel efficiency while yet maintaining the basic elements of a 70cc cycle.

The RP-70 Road Prince

The RP-70 Road Prince

The Road Prince RP-70 is a popular motorcycle in Pakistan, and it is part of the ‘China 70’ family of bikes manufactured by Chinese manufacturers.

The motorcycle is priced competitively with the Honda CD-70 but is available at a much more affordable price.

In addition, the Road Prince RP-70 has the same capabilities as the CD-70, but with a few cosmetic alterations, most notably to the dashboard and the front lights.

GD-110S Suzuki

GD-110S Suzuki

Looks good and doesn’t try too hard to draw attention to itself.

To reduce resistance to airflow, aerodynamic design features have been used.

Featuring a chrome exhaust tip and star-shaped alloy wheels. One of its features is the ability to turn it on automatically.

Incredibly, the gd110 only uses an average of 54 mpg on long-distance trips and only 45 mpg in urban areas.

This scooter excels in urban environments and can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Its lightweight construction and powerful motor make it ideal for flying around town.


In this essay, I’ve gone through the best-selling bikes in Pakistan.

Each bike is user-friendly, has top-notch features, and sells quickly thanks to its attractive price and stylish appearance.

Motorcycles are the country’s most popular mode of transportation, despite the country’s high unemployment rate, expensive fuel, and luxury cars.


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