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Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan

Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan in 2023

Hamdard Pakistan is a company that makes Unani medicine in Pakistan. It is based in the city of Karachi. It began in 1948 as Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf), which was set up by Hakim Said.

Popular items from Hamdard, like their Rooh Afza syrup and potent herbal medicines, quickly became household names in Pakistan.

Acid reflux, diabetes, constipation, and anorexia are all improved with their use. It inspires and improves all of the body’s most important systems.

All of Hamdard’s products are made with all-natural semi-ingredients and have been clinically proven to be highly successful in the treatment of many diseases and infections.

Right now, we’re going to discuss the best Hamdard items available in Pakistan and how much they cost there.

Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan

Hamdard laboratories in Pakistan

The headquarters of Hamdard Laboratories is in Karachi, Pakistan’s industrial powerhouse and port city, where the company was founded.

Having a solid work history in Pakistan’s renowned Hamdard Laboratories WAQF. The government’s treatment of workers and the quality of the workplace were both excellent.

All of Hamdard’s factories have the most up-to-date tools and machinery, so they can meet the high quality and safety standards of the modern world.

About 500 herbal products and medicines are made by Hamdard. The company’s strength is the high quality of its products.

Hamdard Quality Policy Statement

Hamdard quality policy statement

Hamdard makes sure that the quality and level of its products are up to par with international laws and rules.

Prescribed by ISO and WHO. To maintain these, it takes the following measures:

  • Source the highest-quality raw materials.
  • Adheres to current good manufacturing practice guidelines.
  • Checks the raw materials, in-process/intermediate materials, and final products regularly at all stages of the manufacturing process. This makes sure that there is quality control.
  • As part of the quality control policy, it emphasizes the necessity of training for all personnel/employees who are involved in the manufacturing processes (QTC).

Rooh Afza: Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan

Rooh afza and Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan

The red syrup of the East, Rooh Afza, is called “Lord of the Red” and can be drunk all year long. Pakistan’s best-known product is Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf).

Coriander, orange, pineapple, carrot, rose petals, spinach, and mint are all found in Rooh Afza.

Rooh Afza comes in a bottle with a bright yellow cap and is usually eaten by adding it to other cold drinks, pouring it over ice cream, or simply drinking it straight off the spoon.

Besides being a great way to cool off in this hot summer, it is also good for your health. It is made of so many healthy and natural things that it can only do good things.

The American food magazine Saveur ranked Rooh Afza as the tenth most popular brand in the world in February 2007.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (HFP)

Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan

Having received funds from Hamdard Laboratories, Hakim Mohammed Said founded a charity trust in Pakistan called the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan to manage and account for those funds.

In 1998, he was shot down just outside the Karachi clinic where he had started his mission to create “Hamdard Pakistan.”

Mrs. Sadia Rashid is the President of the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan and the former chair of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan.

List of Hamdard Products Price in Pakistan

1Barshasha Hamdard390
2Hamdard Toot Siyah70
4Hamdard Safi 175ml80
5Hamdard Masturin 120ml60
6Hamdard Ghuthi 60ml50
7Hamdard Tunsukh 175ml200
8Hamdard Maullaham – 400gm550
9Hamdard Masturin – 120ml80
10Hamdard Masturin – 120ml60
11Hamdard Nemoroid 25g90
12Hamdard Khuban 175ml150
13Hamdard Erqember 175ml195
14Hamdard Tunsukh 175ml200
15Hamdard Somina 120gm250
16Hamdard Joshina 25 Sachets199
17Hamdard Sualin 200 Tablets199
18Hamdard Khamira Badam 100gram80
19Hamdard Honey Tube 120g130
20Hamdard Kushta Nuqra – 3gm1200
21Hamdard Qarahine – 25 Sachet155
22Hamdard Kushta Qalaee – 6gm200
23Hamdard Nemotab – 50 Tablets70
24Hamdard Nisa – 50 Tablets120
25Hamdard Mifta – 50 Tablets110


What is Hamdard Joshanda?

Hamdard Joshanda is a natural medicine that has been used for a long time. Hamdard Joshanda can be used to treat a sore throat, a cough from a cold, a fever, and a fever that is helped cause by a cough. Highly effective in the treatment of a cold and a sore throat. Decoctions are a convenient way to consume this product. Most well-known for providing immediate relief from a coughing fit.

Can we take Joshanda daily?

This means that you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to deal with anything. The well-known Hamdard company makes the Unani formula, and it comes in an easy-to-use ready-to-use format. Constipation can be comforted by mixing Josh with 100 ccs of warm water and drinking it slowly twice a day, before breakfast and after dinner.

Can we take Joshina without water?

Two or three tablespoons of Joshua can be consumed twice or three times a day. However, it can also be consumed with water.

What is Unani medicine used for?

It is possible to treat diseases that affect any of the systems or organs of the human body through the use of the Unani System of Medicine. Patients have said that treatments for chronic illnesses and diseases of the skin, liver, musculoskeletal, and reproductive systems, as well as immunological and lifestyle disorders, have been very effective and easy to deal with.

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