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Syngenta Products list in Pakistan

Syngenta Products list in Pakistan in 2023

Syngenta Products list in Pakistan and all over the world is a world-leading company with over 25000 employees dedicated to our cause in over 90 countries. Steady – marching towards success.

Not only is it distributing through our network, but Syngenta also adds to its world-leading portfolio of safe, effective crop protection products that include fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and seed treatments.

Syngenta has a wide range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides.

Syngenta is a leading science-based tech company. They help millions of farmers around the world grow safe and nutritious food while caring for the planet. By improving crop productivity and making farming more efficient, they enable growers to provide healthy, high-quality food safely and sustainably.

Naya Savera Syngenta is Pakistan’s exclusive franchise network responsible for distributing crop protection products across Pakistan. With more than 800 outlets across Pakistan, Naya Savera alongside its group helps ranchers/cultivators to settle on the most ideal decision for their harvests.

Best Syngenta Products List in Pakistan

Here is a Syngenta Products list in Pakistan.

  •  Syngenta Insecticide (POLO)
  • Syngenta Herbicides
  • Syngenta fungicide
  • Syngenta Hybrid Seeds
  • Syngenta Hybrid Corn
  • Syngenta Hybrid Wheat
  • Syngenta Hybrid Rice Seeds
  • Syngenta Hybrid Barely
  • Syngenta Bio Stimulant

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

 Syngenta Insecticide (POLO): Reduce Crop Yield

Syngenta Insecticide (POLO)


Insect pests on your crop can significantly reduce crop yield and product quality through your feeding during critical crop stages. Syngenta gives exceptional and a-list insect sprays for the control of such extreme and hard-to-oversee bugs in the scope of yields.

Syngenta Herbicides: Minimizes Cultivation

Syngenta Hybrid Corn Simpler and Quicker to Develop


Syngenta herbicides can forestall or dispense weeds to supplant or decrease manual or mechanical weed evacuation. This minimizes cultivation, which can help prevent soil erosion and water loss.

Syngenta fungicide: Mechanical Weed

Syngenta Hybrid Barely Different Parent Plants


Syngenta fungicides can forestall or fix sicknesses to diminish unfavorable consequences for crop yield and by and large quality. The fungicide portfolio includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, and rice.

Syngenta Hybrid Seeds: More Useful Yield

Syngenta Insecticide (POLO) Reduce Crop Yield


Excellent seeds guarantee a superior and more useful yield, which is the reason ranchers put resources into them. Further developed seeds assist with diminishing dangers like illness and dry season and permit ranchers to develop food utilizing less land, less water, and fewer sources of info.

Syngenta Products list of  Pakistan (List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan) is the main designer and maker of seeds. They bring ranchers more incredible, solid, safe plants, including inventive cross-breeds and biotech crops that can flourish even in testing developing conditions

Syngenta Hybrid Corn: Simpler and Quicker to Develop

Syngenta Hybrid Corn Simpler and Quicker to Develop (2)


Hybrid seeds enjoy a few benefits: they are simpler and quicker to develop, they are better adjusted to pressure, and they produce plants with bigger organic products, more significant returns, sickness obstruction, and longer shelf life than heirlooms. We do.

Syngenta Hybrid Wheat: Painstakingly Chosen

Syngenta Hybrid Wheat Painstakingly Chosen


Hybrid wheat is a cross between two, painstakingly chosen, unadulterated lines. Therefore, each hybrid variety contains the genes of both parent varieties. The hybrid vigor or heterogeneity obtained by crossing two different varieties is expressed as the plant grows. Common advantages of hybrid varieties of wheat include even plant establishment.

Syngenta Hybrid Rice Seeds

Syngenta Hybrid Rice Seeds


Hybrid rice is delivered when eggs are treated by dust from a rice plant of an alternate assortment or line. To deliver hybrid seeds in enormous amounts, two sorts of parental lines are required, a seed parent that is normally male sterile, and a dust parent.

Syngenta Hybrid Barely: Different Parent Plants

Syngenta Hybrid Barely Different Parent Plants


Hybrid barley seed is produced by crossing genetically different parent plants together, resulting in hybrid vigor, which in turn is associated with more resilient and competitive growth and higher grain production.

Syngenta Bio Stimulant: Natural Processes

Syngenta Bio Stimulant Natural Processes


Biostimulants are products that are applied to plants, seeds, or the root environment to stimulate the natural processes of plants to improve nutrient use efficiency, and crop quality, or to tolerate abiotic stresses such as extreme cold or heat in the environment.

Conclusion Syngenta Products list

Above I have listed all Syngenta Products list in Pakistan, must read it. Syngenta assumes a fundamental part in empowering the evolved way of life to securely take care of the world and care for our planet.

They desire to be the most agreeable and confided in the group in horticulture, giving spearheading seed and harvest security developments to improve the thriving of ranchers, any place they are.

Syngenta revolves around addressing the challenges faced by growers to contribute to sustainable agricultural development and subsequently provide greater food security.



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