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Junaid Khan Drama List Biography

Junaid Khan Drama List + Biography + Carear + Lifestyle

Are you looking for Junaid Khan Drama List as well as their career to know about? Ohh, really? Here you will get a complete list of Junaid Khan Dramas list + biography + Family Pics + Showbiz Career.

Junaid Khan popularly known as Junaid Khan is a good-looking Pakistani actor, singer, and lyricist who has been associated with the showbiz industry for a long time.

He is mainly known for his amazing performances in various drama serials. This article contains complete information about him including Junaid Khan Biography and Junaid Khan Drama.

junaid Khan drama list

Junaid Khan Profession

Name:Junaid Khan
Born As:Junaid Khan Niazi
In Urdu:جنید خان
Famous As:Actor
Alma Mater:Imperial College Lahore
Profession:Singer and Actor
Years Active:2002-present
Height:5 ft. 11 Inch
Date:2nd November 1981
Place:Lahore, Pakistan
Spouse:Amna Aslam
Children:Nael Khan, 1 daughter
Parents:Not known

Junaid Khan Biography

It would not be wrong to call this beautiful a multi-talented man who has been blessed with form, talent, and fortune. He was fond of singing from a very young age, so he decided to make it his profession as he blessed with a perfect voice.

After entering this glamor world as a singer, he decided to make his debut on the small screen as an actor, and today he is one of the highly recommended actors in our industry.

 Junaid Khan Early Life

Junaid Khan Early Life

Junaid Khan Niazi was born on 2 November 1981 in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan to a Muslim family of the Pashtun dynasty. Khan completed his elementary education (grades 1 to 5) from Divisional Public School and Ibne Sina College Defense (Matriculation).

After completing matriculation, he enrolled at FC College and later joined the Mining Engineering Department of UET Lahore to pursue a degree in engineering. During his third year at UET, Khan started his music career, despite being a student.

He was auditioned by former call members and selected to be part of the band. Later, Khan earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Imperial College, Lahore.

He, along with Khurram Jabbar Khan and Sultan Raja, was a member of the call band at the time. Khan later brought two guitarists, Farooq Nasir and Usman Nasir, into the band. The band soon released their first track, “Nissan”, which went viral on the Internet, and soon Call was one of the main artists in the country.

Shortly thereafter, the band released their first music video for the song “Pukar”.Soon the band started performing live at various events across Pakistan and internationally. Khan and Farooq Nasir composed the album Jilavatan and Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (at that time a member of the band Entity Paradigm) in Lahore was recording at the audio studio.

Later Farooq and Usman Nasir left the band due to their personal commitments and Khan asked Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan to enter the band as the lead guitarist. The band completed production of the album and districting around 2005.

Describing his change in acting, which took place later in his career, he says that being an artist mother who is a gold medalist in fine arts, he himself indulged in artistic pursuits during his student days, namely drawing and theater, later served as the basis for them. Future as an actor.

Junaid Khan Date of BIRTH

He was born on 2 November 1981 in Multan. He later moved to Lahore from where he received his education. Currently, he is living in Karachi with his family.

Junaid NIAZI Education

He completed his primary education from Divisional Public School in grades 1 to 5, while he did his matriculation from Ibne Sina College Defense. After completing the intermediate, he joined the Mining Engineering Department of UET Lahore to obtain an engineering degree.

Junaid holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Imperial College, Lahore.

Junaid Khan Family

Junaid Khan Family

He was born in a family of the Pashtun dynasty. His mother is a gold medalist in fine arts that inspired him to become an actor. He was adamant a few years ago and blessed a son and a daughter.

 Junaid Khan Showbiz career


Junaid Khan as an actor

Junaid entered music during his graduation. After his education, he collaborated with the call band and started working with Khurram Jabbar Khan and Sultan Raja. Later some other members including Farooq Nasir and Usman Nasir also joined as guitarists.

Before long the group gave their first track ‘Nissan’, which went viral on the web, and soon Call was one of the nation’s standard experts. After that, the band gave their first music video of the tune ‘Pukar’. Within a period of time, the group started performing live on various occasions in Pakistan and globally.

In 2012, he released his solo track for the first time, which he made and shot a video with Jonrice in Washington DC. He wrote his first rock ballad Bh Sab Bhula Ke in 2005. The band released the album Jilavatan with the song during the same year.

As an actor

Junaid Khan as a singer

He made his debut as an actor in 2011 with a drama serial Lag Dil Kya Lagi. Later, he was seen in several serials which were positive or negative. He gave his best performance in all these years. Some of his plays include Madiha Malha starring Urwa Hokane and Jhal Sarhadi.

‘Mata e Jaan Hai Tu’ starred Adil Hussain, Sarawat Geelani, and Sanam Saeed. ‘Sun Yara’ is with Heera Mani, Zarine Khan, and Aseem Mehmood. ‘Yaariyan’ with Aiza Khan, Momal Sheikh and Munib Butt, and many other serials.

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  1. “Nishaan” from Jilawatan
  2. “Pukaar” from Jilawatan
  3. “Shayad” from Jilawatan
  4. “Sab Bhula Kai” from Jilawatan
  5. “Bichar Kai Bhee” from Jilawatan
  6. “Kuch Naheen” from Jilawatan
  7. “Kal Hamara Hai”
  8. “Hum Se Hai Yeh Zamaana”  from Dhoom
  9. “Aasmaan” from Dhoom
  10. “Ho Jaane De” from Dhoom
  11. “Main Esa hi hoon”  from Dhoom
  12. “So close so distant”.


  1. Kabhi Na Kabhi
  2. Dil Ki Lagi
  3. Mujhay Roothnay Na Daina
  4. Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu
  5. Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai
  6. Madiha Maliha
  7. Ek Maamooli si Larki
  8. Ooper Gori Ka Makaan
  9. Kadoorat
  10. Aise Jale Jiya
  11. Meri Beti
  12. Zara Aur Meherunissa
  13. Mere Humdum Mere Dost
  14. Firaaq
  15. Dard e Wafa
  16. Jaane Kyun
  17. Rasam
  18. Nikkah
  19. Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai
  20. Dua
  21. Marzi
  22. Main Kaisay Kahun
  23. Naatak
  24. Bin Roye
  25. Sun Yaara
  26. Ghari Do Ghari
  27. Tumhari Maryam
  28. Aadat
  29. Silsilay
  30. Ishq Tamasha
  31. Thays
  32. Khasara
  33. Ro Raha Hai Dil
  34. Kyun ki Ishq Baraye Farokht Nahi
  35. Kam Zarf
  36. Yaarian
  37. Hania
  38. Mohabbat Na Kariyo
  39. Adhorai Hai Hum
  40. Kashf


  1. Bin Roye
  2. Kahai Dil Jidhar


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