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List of Packaging Companies in Pakistan

List of Packaging Companies in Pakistan in 2023

Packaging Companies manufacturer produces machinery, usually, a type of packaging. They will either make custom packaging or stock packaging to sell to distributors. Manufacturers of packaging companies who customize the packaging will use it to sell their packaging to domestic or overseas brokers.

When you look for packaging companies for your product, you will encounter different types of packaging companies. I think it’s important to know how these packaging companies differ to some extent so that you can understand the benefits of each.

The two most common types of packaging companies are manufacturers (they make and sell packaging) and brokers (they only resell packaging). And both of these types can serve as categories, including all other types of packaging companies.

Top 10 Packaging Companies in Pakistan

The most common types of packaging companies are manufacturing in Pakistan.

  • Deluxe Packages Pvt
  • Bulleh Shah Packaging (Pvt) Ltd
  • Merit Packaging Limited
  • Burhani Group of Industries
  • Al-Nafay Technologies
  • Madani Packages (Private) Limited
  • Happy Movers
  • Amna packages
  • Crystallites Products (PVT) Limited
  • All-day printers

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

Deluxe Packages Pvt in Pakistan

Deluxe packages pvt in pakistan

As a competitive and progressive offset printing and packaging organization, we are committed to providing high-quality services to our local and global customers to enhance the value of stakeholders through qualified human capital, superior services, and the latest technology.

Bulleh Shah Packaging Companies (Pvt) Ltd

Bulleh shah packaging companies (pvt) ltd in pakistan

Bulleh Shah Packaging Companies (Pvt) Ltd., a packages group company, aims to provide responsible packaging solutions for brands in Pakistan. BSP is leading the corrugated packaging market and is the largest provider of renewable packaging and the only liquid packaging board in the country.

Bulleh Shah packaging companies work with textile, dairy, snacks, electronics, and all other industries.

Merit Packaging Limited

Merit packaging limited in pakistan

Merit Packaging Limited, a Lexon Group company, was incorporated in Pakistan in 1980 as a public limited company and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Address: Luxon Square, Building No. 2, Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi-74200

Burhani Group of Industries

Burhani group of industries in pakistan

Burhani Group consists of several divisions with a highly focused team specializing in the design and manufacture of various metal and plastic packaging that offers high quality, innovative, and trendsetting products, and cost-effective packaging solutions.

A specific project solution can be completed. Customer Needs Today, Burhani is a leading manufacturer of plastic tubes, bottles, containers, jars, hats, and shoulder bags also different types of pumps.

Al-Nafay Technologies

Al-nafay technologies in pakistan

As one of the oldest corrugated manufacturers in the Karachi Metropolitan Area, Carton Craft has established and maintained the best quality service. Founded in 1977, Carton Craft thrives on supporting its valued customers and their unwavering commitment to success.

Madani Packages (Private) Limited

Madani packages (private) limited in pakistan

Madani Packaging (Pvt) Ltd Private Limited Companies established in 1999, is one of the leading corrugated carton and box manufacturers in Karachi, dedicated to providing quality products and services to its valued customers. Since its inception, it has met the demands of consumers in real-time manufacturing without compromising on the quality of products and services.

He believes in continuous improvement and has always been at the forefront of new developments in the packaging industry. They have recently upgraded their manufacturing facilities by installing another automated 5 phase plant.

Instead of being the traditional manufacturers of corrugated cartons, they build business relationships on a working partner basis.

Happy Movers best packers in Pakistan

Happy movers best packers in pakistan

Happy Movers is an international freight forwarder, providing air and sea freight services. Happy Movers plays an integral part in the transportation process by providing the best services to both B2B and B2C customers.

For all local and international moves, their best packers provide unique and satisfying services from door to door. Also packing and crate for storage services. They also have warehouse services for storing your goods.

Amna packages high-quality product

Amna packages high-quality product in pakistan

Manufacturing high-quality products have always been their top priority. To achieve this, they have implemented sound engineering policies that they are constantly improving. Today, their implementation involves not only manufacturing policies but also business and management processes.

Supporting these processes is a comprehensive system of strict quality assurance procedures and internal audits.

Crystallites Products (PVT) Limited

Crystallites products (ptv) limited in pakistan

Crystal. They are committed to satisfying their customers by providing timely, best value products and services through various processes and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Address: G&T Towers 18 Beaumont Road, Civil Lines, and Karachi.

All-day printers packaging services

All-day printers packaging services in pakistan

All-day Printers has been offering all types of printing and packaging services since 1987 and has earned the loyalty of some of the top corporate houses in Pakistan, delivering the best quality, service, and delivery schedule.

Packaging Companies functions

  1. It is for packaging that the printing of the logo is simplified and the identification of the product is made easier due to the logo. Consumers can easily find or pinpoint the product they want. This helps generate demand and promotes sales.
  2. The package contains printed guidelines for the use of the product and these guidelines help the users to use the product in the prescribed manner. This is how packaging helps customers.
  3. The introduction of packaging in the marketing system has helped in the storage of products. A retailer can easily store packaged goods in less space. This makes storage of the product easier for Packaging Companies. It helps with storage.
  4. Product packaging ensures the protection of goods from heat, light, moisture, vapor, etc. In these days of consumer goods sales, the packaging is offering invaluable services, from production to product placement in the hands of consumers.
  5. Packaging offers a very useful service in terms of sales promotion. Attractive packaging with beautiful get-ups attracts customers and thus acts as a tool to increase packaging sales.
  6. Packaging Companies individually distinguish a particular product from others. The packaging has made it easier to fully identify the product, but it has also made it easier to carry the product, as we find in many other products besides ‘stream’ oil.

Conclusion Packaging Companies in Pakistan

Finally, I would like to say that the package should be designed in such a way that the product can be easily transported from one place to another and can be easily handled by middlemen or consumers. The size and shape of the package should be easy for retailers to store or store in consumers’ homes.

Packaging Companies refer to the design, evaluation, and preparation of packages. Packaging can be defined as an integrated system of transportation, warehousing, logistics, sales, and manufacturing of goods for end-use. Contains packaging, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells.

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