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Yokohama tires price list in Pakistan

Yokohama tires price list in Pakistan 2023

Tires with air in them, like those on cars and bicycles, absorb shock when they hit the road and give the rider a flexible cushion.

Carbon black and other chemical compounds, as well as synthetic fibres and natural rubber, are used to make modern air-powered tyres.

Pneumatic tyres are used in automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, construction equipment, and aeroplanes.

History of Yokohama tires

History of Yokohama tires

In Japan, the Yokohama Rubber Company was the second company to make tires after Dunlop. It was founded in 1917, a year after Dunlop.

Yokohama Rubber Company has grown to become the world’s seventh-largest tyre maker, employing over 20,000 people in 120 locations across the world. The company has 120 locations worldwide.

Rubber polymer technology from Yokohama is used in a wide range of products, like high-pressure hoses, sealants, adhesives, golf products, and even aeroplane products like toilets.

The company has built more tyre factories outside of Japan, in places like China, Thailand, India, and Russia. It has also opened sales offices in Germany and China.

Yokohama Australia is connected to its parent company in Japan in a way that can’t be broken. 

The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence

The Yokohama ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 is not only a quiet tyre, but it is also made of a new material that gives it power and flexibility.

The low profile, lightest construction, and high-quality silica-rubber compound of the ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 make it very quiet on the road have low rolling resistance, and are very efficient.

Also, the asymmetrical tread design makes it very good at turning corners, getting good gas mileage, and lasting a long time.

If you want the quietest and most comfortable ride possible, the ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 is your best bet.

Excellent Braking

Excellent Braking

The ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 Nano-Power Rubber has wide, straight grooves and round sipes that give it high stopping power when it is wet.

The ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 tire has grooves and other features that keep it from slipping. 

It gives you great control even when it’s raining, and it doesn’t make too much noise.

When the road is wet, the tyres have a better grip because they have a larger micro-level contact area and were made to absorb road vibrations without losing their strength.

Standard Rubber

Standard Rubber

All Yokohama tyres are produced from regular rubber.

Small bumps in the road surface cause air to be collected between the tyre and the road, reducing the tyre’s ability to grip the road.

ADVAN dB 205/65 R15 Rubber

ADVAN dB 20565 R15 Rubber

Extra microsilica in rubber compounds makes them more flexible, which improves micro-level road grip.

Yokohama Tires Price list in Pakistan

1Yokohama A.drive AA01 205/55 R16 91WTubelessRs.5600
2Yokohama A.drive AA01 175/65 R15 84HTubelessRs.4133
3Yokohama A.drive AA01 185/70 R13 86HTubelessRs.3711
4Yokohama A.drive AA01 155/70 R13 75TTubelessRs.2950
5Yokohama A.drive AA01 165/65 R13 77TTubelessRs.3350
6Yokohama A.drive AA01 155/65 R13 73TTubelessRs.3150
7Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/70 R14 91HTubelessRs.4071
8Yokohama A.drive AA01 185/70 R14 88HTubelessRs.5035
9Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/65 R14 89HTubelessRs.4711
10Yokohama A.drive AA01 185/65 R14 86HTubelessRs.3156
11Yokohama A.drive AA01 175/65 R14 82TTubelessRs.3899
12Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/60 R14 86HTubelessRs.4150
13Yokohama A.drive AA01 185/60 R14 82HTubelessRs.3920
14Yokohama A.drive AA01 205/65 R15 94HTubelessRs.5126
15Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/65 R15 91HTubelessRs.4702
16Yokohama A.drive AA01 205/60 R15 91HTubelessRs.5356
17Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/60 R15 88HTubelessRs.4250
18Yokohama A.drive AA01 195/55 R15 85VTubelessRs.4529

Why Choose Yokohama?

Why Choose Yokohama

Yokohama was started in 1917 and quickly spread across Japan. In 1969, it started making things in the United States.

It’s no secret that Yokohama tyres are some of the best on the market.

Passenger car tyres, light truck tyres, commercial truck and bus tyres, high-performance racing tyres, and even construction tyres are all part of the brand’s large product portfolio.

Every year, Yokohama’s American factories in Virginia and Florida produce millions of high-performance summer and winter tyres for automobiles, buses, lorries, and other commercial vehicles.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Before they can be sold, Yokohama tyres go through a lot of testing to make sure they have enough tread life, grip, handling, and stopping power.

Each model is put through its paces to make sure it works well wherever it is used.

And every test shows that Yokohama’s long-term research into the best rubber compound for their tyres has led to tyres that grip well and last a long time.

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Yokohama tires are expensive. They’re not the cheapest brand, but your investment will pay off in the long-term driving satisfaction.

The price of a set of four Yokohama AVID touring tyres is between $75 and $100. The Avid ASCEND, a high-performance automobile, may be purchased for $150–$200.

If you want to do some high-speed racing this summer, you can get a set of Yokohama tyres for as little as $400.

Tyre warranty coverage is invalid if purchased from an unqualified vendor.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

As a specialist in environmentally friendly tyre technology, this brand is a great alternative for those of us trying to lessen our environmental effect.

This document details the steps taken by Yokohama to reduce the negative effects of its products on the environment.

Rolling resistance is affected by a variety of factors, including vehicle speed, wheel material, and road surface.

A high-speed train wheel rolling along a steel track would have much less rolling resistance than a textured rubber tyre on a road.

Yokohama products are also made with alternatives to petroleum, which is another important part of their design.

Oil accounts for between 10 and 20% of the total weight of a typical wheel. Most of the time, this oil comes from gasoline.

Variable Combination Sipes

Impact noise is reduced when the tyre makes contact with the ground by reducing the ground contact area of each block and using minute sipes.

As a result, when the tyre block makes contact with the ground, the impact noise is decreased.

Optimum arrangement of two sipes

Diffuses the peak frequency of the noise produced when the tyres spin and reduces the amount of annoying pattern noise produced by rotation.


If you live in a city and make a daily commute to work, you might want to consider using the bus instead of driving.

With Yokohama’s extensive product line, drivers of any vehicle and in any climate can choose the ideal Yokohama model for them.

For starters, the warranties offered on some of the tyres represent a significant vote of confidence: Yokohama believes in its products and is willing to compensate you if they are proven to be incorrect.

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