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List of Cables Companies in Pakistan

List of Cables Companies in Pakistan in 2024

Cable Companies in Pakistan is widely known as the country’s supreme cable producer. In business since 1955, this firm is the only cable manufacturer in Pakistan to be marketed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. If you want to know what cable companies are, you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, we will discuss some big and famous Cable Companies in Pakistan. But first, let’s learn what cable companies are.

What cable companies are?

Cable providers are often the companies that are responsible for the construction and upkeep of the cables that their people seek help with to receive services such as telephone calls, Internet access, and television broadcasts. Now let’s get back to the list of cable companies in Pakistan.

List of Cables Companies in Pakistan

So let’s start to learn more about it in detail. Unicore Wires and Cables in Pakistan Unicore Cables is a quality cable manufacturer with a reputation for reliability and excellence. With years of experience in the industry, Unicore Cables has earned a solid reputation for producing high-quality cables that meet or exceed industry standards. Their cables are known for their durability, performance, and long-lasting reliability, making them a top choice for various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial and commercial installations. Unicore Cables‘ commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous manufacturing processes, stringent quality control measures, and use of premium materials, ensuring that their cables deliver consistent performance even in demanding environments. With a focus on customer satisfaction, technical expertise, and innovative designs, Unicore Cables is trusted by professionals and consumers alike for its top-notch cables that provide reliable performance and peace of mind.

Pakistan Cables Limited (Karachi)

Pakistan Cables Companies in Pakistan
No one does it better than Pakistan Cables companies in Pakistan Cables has been shown to have worked with other famous cable makers outside of Pakistan in the past.
The Pakistan Cables were under the careful eye of British Insulated Callender’s Cables. BICC was one of the most successful cable networks anywhere on the globe during that timespan. Between 2010 and 2017, General Cable, a Fortune 500 corporation, held 24.6% of Pakistan Cables’ stock as a minority shareholder.

Fast Cables Limited

Fast Cables Companies in Pakistan
Since it was founded in 1985, Fast Cables Limited has grown to become Pakistan’s most reliable source for making electrical cables.
Fast Cables cares about making sure that they have high-quality products, great customer service, and low prices. Fast Cables has been one of Pakistan’s top electrical experts, engineers, and construction companies.

Premier Cables (PVT) Limited

Premier (PVT) Limited Cables Companies in Pakistan
Copper Telecom Cable and Optical Fiber Cables are both products that are produced by Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited.
Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited is the market leader in both of these product categories. The categories of optical fiber cables are Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cable, Non-Metallic Duct Optical Fiber Cable, Central Loose Tube Cable (Uni Tube), and many more. Solid Polyethylene Underground Cable, Solid Polyethylene Self-Supporting Aerial Cable, and many others are only two examples of the many types of copper telecom cables used.

Copper GAT Cables (PVT) LTD

Copper GAT Cables (PVT) LTD
Uses snipping technology to create first-rate goods and services for customers. 
Their best production methods will stay the same, but they are open to new ideas so they can stay competitive. They have been making high-quality cables for a long time, which has inspired people and institutions to work harder to achieve their goals.  They will then use this feedback to improve their manufacturing processes in the future.  Their long-term objective is to become a recognized brand on a global scale. Their wires and cables are tightly wound and last a long time because they are made with strict quality standards that ensure the highest standards of quality and productivity.

Alliance Cables (Lahore)

Alliance Cables (Lahore)
Alliance Cables is the fastest-growing producer of electrical wires and cables, Alliance Cables leads the industry.
Customers may feel secure knowing that Alliance Cables are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality components. In the last ten years, they have grown from a small business to a well-known name in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets of Pakistan They say that their huge success in both the residential and commercial markets is due to how much they love coming up with new ideas. and their position as industry leaders in providing cutting-edge technology and trustworthy solutions.

Green Cables (Lahore)

Green Cables Companies in Pakistan (Lahore)
When it comes to electric wires, cables, and conductors, GREEN CABLES® is proud to introduce itself as an industry leader. 
Their products are made by highly skilled people who follow strict rules and use government buildings, machines, and testing tools. Green Cables® was started in 2008, after years of research and a lot of experience making the best copper and aluminum conductor cables and wires in PVC. This was done with the new idea of using green energy to keep Pakistan’s electricity running.


The list of well-known Cables Companies in Pakistan is presented above. For as long as you live, you can buy everything they sell without worrying about its credibility or quality They are all trying to maintain their reputation by offering the highest quality products and services possible.

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