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Master paints prices list in Pakistan

Master paints prices list in Pakistan 2023

Paint is a colored liquid used to decorate, protect, or create an image on a surface by applying it with a brush.

Painting is a creative activity that helps people reduce stress while also boosting their creativity.

Painting has the ability to offer both of these benefits to its users. One beautiful thing is that humans can make paintings.

I’m going to discuss the costs of the Master paints prices lists in Pakistan, so let’s get started.

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

So let’s start to learn about more it in detail.

Master Acrylic-Based Exterior Wall Putty

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

If you want to buy the best wall putty for your walls, you can choose from the best options, Master Exterior Wall Putty with an Acrylic Base.

A water-based Master Exterior Wall Putty is a good alternative for filler. It is constructed completely of acrylic and is used for all interior building surfaces.

Brickwork, plaster, and cement rendering, as well as filling pores and cracks on wood, plaster, and concrete surfaces.

Price range: Rs 961–Rs 3,591

Fancy Texture Finish

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

This product, which is made completely of acrylic and is applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, is an example of how construction surfaces may be coated with this product.

Depending on how the coating is put on and what kind of roller is used, different finishes can be made.

Highlighted Features

  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • designed for use on brick surfaces.
  • Lovely texture effect
  • Environment-Friendly
  • The weights are 5 kg and 24 kg.

Price range: Rs 875–Rs 3,400

Luxury Plastic Emulsion

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

The Master (Acrylic Based) Luxury Plastic Emulsion is a high-end product that is of great quality and has a smooth matt finish.

It may be used on any sort of interior masonry surface, whether it is brickwork, plaster, cement rendering, or wallboards, and it will perform admirably on any of them.

You can get it in a number of different colours, and it comes in brand-new packaging that is fully compliant with the standards set by the international standard. A

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-Fungal Coverage
  • Having a high level of resistance to being cleaned
  • The finish is silky and luxurious, and the film has a minimal impact on the environment and is long-lasting.
  • Enhanced flow and levelling

Price range: Rs 675–Rs 9,550

Aluminium Silver

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

The master aluminium paint is a high-quality paint that is based on solvents and has an aluminium finish. It also has a name that sounds like “master aluminium.

I highly recommend that you use it in both indoor and outdoor settings, especially on surfaces made of wood and metal, and I also suggest that you use it in both of those situations simultaneously.

Highlighted Features

  • Withstands temperatures of up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit without changing form (35 degrees Celsius).
  • Excellent shine and barrier properties are only appropriate for usage in a professional capacity.
  • The rough outside of the metal has been polished to a beautiful finish.
  • There are two sizes available: quarter and gallon.

Price range: Rs 764–Rs 2,856

Aster grey-under coat

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

The wall finisher that Master Synthetic Alkali Resistant Sealant sells is of very high quality.

Concrete, cement, and plaster are among the interior surfaces that may benefit from their application.

Additionally, it can be used on a wide variety of other interior surfaces.

It is a great line of defence against the damage that alkali can do, and it works well as a barrier of defence.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-Fungal
  • Very long-lasting
  • Super Adhesin
  • Extra Protection from the Elements’ Capability of Being Cleaned More Efficiently Than Others
  • A premium topcoat base may be purchased in the following quantities: a quarter gallon, a gallon, or a drum. These are the three available size choices.

Price range: Rs 517–Rs 7,535

Matt enamel finish

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

In contrast to other enamels, the Master Matt Enamel Finish is made of the best possible synthetic enamel.

This product can be used on any surface made of wood or metal, whether it’s inside or outside.

This is especially beneficial in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and corridors.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced Protectiveness Because of the Fluidity of the Process
  • strong opaqueness
  • anti-microbial
  • Resistant to stains. Non-yellowing with a texture similar to marine shells. Anti-yellowing

Price range: Rs 588–Rs 8,820

N.C Duco Metallic

Master paints prices list in Pakistan

This paint is formulated to be used on furniture and other surfaces that need a metallic finish that is quick-drying, long-lasting, and exceptional in quality.

This item is highly recommended for use in any and all motor vehicles, as well as furniture made of wood or metal. Additionally, it may be used in any setting.

Highlighted Features

  • A coating for the inside and exterior that dries very fast.
  • Excellent shine and polish on metallic surfaces, made possible by the high gloss and brightness.
  • There is a choice between a quarter gallon and a gallon.

Price range: Rs 465–Rs 1,785.

What kinds of things do make-up paint?

Paint, like making a nice cake, needs the right proportions of each component in order for it to come together correctly and form a cohesive whole. Pigment, extender, binder, solvent or water, and additives are the constituents that come together to make paint.

Pigment: The addition of pigment to paint serves the aim of enhancing the paint’s colour, opacity, and durability.

Extender: An extender is added to the paint in order to increase the body of the paint, produce more of the paint, and improve the opacity of the paint. The extender is also applied in order to make more of the paint.

Binder: Binders are added to the paint to make sure that the colour stays on the surface and forms a smooth coating.

Performance characteristics such as durability, stain resistance, adhesion, and resistance to cracking are all affected by the type of binder and the amount of binder that is used in the paint.

Paint Additives: Paint additives are used to prevent coating problems (like foam bubbles, poor levelling, flocculation, and mentation) or to give the paint desirable features (like a greater slip, flame retardance, and UV stability) that would otherwise be hard to obtain.

A good quality paint mix will consist of

  • Pigment: 20%
  • Extender: 20%
  • Binder: 40%
  • Solvent: 15%
  • Additive: 5%


I have high hopes that the information that is provided here may prove to be helpful to you in some way.

It provides details on a number of paints, such as which master paints have been proven to be the most effective and how much each of those paints costs.

If you follow these tips, then you should paint the walls in your room, office, and other places.

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